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My Mate Is Alpha


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What is My Mate Is Alpha

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Princess Eleanor was going on a royal trip with her royal caravan. There was a strong storm in the desert and the pirates took advantage of this and attacked the princess's caravan. And very ruthlessly began to kill the royal soldiers and the rest of the people in the caravan. Princess Eleanor manages to escape with great difficulty. And hides itself in a mound. Princess Eleanor wanders in the desert . Thirst and heat cause fainting. And waits for death. Suddenly two people come to her rescue. And Princess Eleanor is taken to their village. And they care a lot about Princess Eleanor. Then Mr. Oliver tells the princess that he has two sons, Eric and Adrian. And his wife has died. Princess Eleanor is sad to hear that. After a while, the princess goes to sleep. But she wakes up scared in a dream. She is very thirsty. Princess Eleanor goes to fetch water from the kitchen when suddenly someone attacks the princess and asks, who are you? That Mr. Oliver and Eric come. And Mr. Oliver tells the man that she is our guest and the princess. At Mr. Oliver's request, the man leaves Princess Eleanor. Mr. Oliver tells the Princess that this man is his son Adrian. The princess is engaged. But the man to whom the princess is engaged did not like that man at all. Adrian likes the princess very much and the princess also likes Adrian very much. A few days later, Adrian prepares to take the princess back to his country. And in the meantime, Mr. Oliver tells Princess Eleanor that Adrian is not his own son, but that someone gave to him. And Adrian is looking for his parents. After completing their preparations for the return, Princess Eleanor and Adrian set out on their return journey. And along the way, they encountered many dangers. And they were both very tired. That one day some people come to them and invite them to go to the village with them. And they say that after resting in the village for a few days, start the journey again. Two days go by very well in the village but Adrian has some doubts about these people that one night Adrian suddenly finds out that these people are a man-eating tribe and have brought them here to sacrifice both of them. When the villagers find out that they have become suspicious of them, they come to arrest them. So Adrian comes in front of them in his original state and Adrian becomes a bloodthirsty and big wolf. Adrian had the princess on his back. The people there are a little scared of Adrian becoming a wolf. But then they start catching them both. Trying to escape is devastating and Adrian manages to escape. And he starts to run away, but they follow him and try to control him, but whatever comes in Adrian's way, he kills him and moves on. They start their journey again in the morning. And after a few days of travel, he takes the princess to his country and goes in search of his parents. After much effort, Adrian finds a clue as to who left Adrian at Mr. Oliver's house. When the man met Adrian, he said a relative worked at the palace. When Adrian meets that employee one day, he is very old. He said that the child was the prince of this country but his uncle joined the army and killed the king and queen and he also wanted to kill this child. But he has taken the child to safety and there is a royal mark on the child's back. When Adrian finds out, he gets very angry and goes to the palace and kills the prince and his uncle and takes back his throne.

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