1 Meeting the new familyCRESCENT P. O. V

This is a spinoff of my previous book MY MATE IS A HYBRID Crescent mate has died but the Moon Goddess gives her another will she keep her new mate or seek revenge new mate pack for killing Blaze.

Chapter 1


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"See you may not know who the hell I am but you will after I tell you this hello I'm Crescent Moon I am the daugther of the most powerful pack alive and the Daugther in law of Lane Johnson,Ok I there are 5 of us inculding me 3 brothers and 2 sisters I am way more powerful only me and my brother are hybrids the rest are werewolves but one my big brother is a vampire see he was just a human but then some vamp turned him he killed more people than I have and to top of the cake my MATE dies protecting me from his enmies and I just seen my own mate bleed out in my arm so that's why I'm crazy" I said talking to the human I was about to drain.As he pled for his life I laughed and drained him died when all hell broke,Now i think you better than that said one of my brothers Elie, I looked back and said While while while what the fuck no do we have here no foreal why are you here are you following me because I am handling things just fine,fine I am this close from getting New Orleans back from that wolf boy who was apart of killing my mate so run along and mind your goddamn business ,Now that is no way to talk to your twin brother now is it said my other brother Caine I replied man fuck you,you dog,So are you telling me there is trouble and didn't think to call your Brothers,man fuck the Brother what about your sister said Hayley. I ran and gave her a big hug.. I missed you now leave....... Ten seconds later

Why the hell is their not one but two hybrids and a pack of unknown wolves doing in my town I guess you are looking for war is that right said Jackson Caine replied who the hell are you asshole cause last time I checked this is not your town this is sister's town,I said I don't think you know who we are seeing see

we are the Crescent Moon family,your pack is the one who killed my mate my husband,my life,see I could kill you right here right now because well I can.Then it hit me THE FUCKING MOON GODNESS GAVE ME ANOTHER MATE ANOTHER CHANCE I thought this would never happen I thought Blaze was the only one for me but I guess wrong

Jackson felt a loving sent like roses and then it hit him Crescent was his mate but he got mad thinking to himself,No hell no anyone but her I will not date a vampire never thats died like her but her sister here is fine as hell,Ok look if you leave and never come back you will leave alive got said Jackson, I replied Wow you think because you took a town that makes you a prince will guess well I'm not a princess I'm a queen,Oh no I'm not the King but he is......…

Well Well Well we have the original family back and I want to know why said Martin

Well that is not your place of mind now is it said Crescent ,Marcel replied see look your brother made me who I am Martin the KING and I took this town and your ass are not getting it back so I think you should go back to hell and never come back now run along.

Fine but Jackson come with me,you can fight me on this one but you will lose,Jackson thinking about what to do should I go or die go, No I don't want to go anywhere with you

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