19 The Bomb of Perfume

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The team members were discussing outside.

But Ron, who was inside, was dumbfounded.

Because this time, besides the sound of metal clashing, there was also a crisp sound.

And this crisp sound... ... Seemed to be coming from the blade of the sword.

He picked up the sword.

Ron's eyes widened.

A clear crack had appeared on the blade of the sword.

This crack was obviously caused by something harder.

Ron looked at the table again. It was as good as new, and there wasn't even a trace left behind.

Ron's mind was completely destroyed.

He was a level 5 knight, and he couldn't even break a table?

This was too ridiculous.

He began to doubt life.

This feeling was even more ridiculous than those goblins who had died tragically in the forest.

At least the Goblin battlefield was still within his scope of understanding.

The current situation was completely out of his scope of understanding.

Eddie couldn't understand it either.

He had tried this sword. Even if it wasn't as powerful as Ron said.

It was still quite sharp.

The feeling of his fingers touching it wasn't a problem.

It shouldn't be impossible to cut open a table.

Thor and Hermione found it funny.

This table was made from the hardest part of the eight magic beast-tier Sky Horn Ant King's head.

Not only was it immune to magic below tier 8,.

Its hardness was comparable to the material used to forge a tier 9 weapon.

It was very rare.

If a weapon was mixed with a little, it would immediately be upgraded.

A tier 3 weapon wanted to cut this table.

Did the god of magic give you the courage?

Eddie looked back at Emily with a look of praise.

As expected, Emily was reliable.

One look at the item and he knew it was trash.

If it was him...

Seeing such a good material...

He might really be fooled by this team leader.

"He's not honest at all. He even said that he's a knight."

Eddie felt that the other party must have been injured by a knight before.

Otherwise, he wouldn't even have to bear the name of a knight to deceive others.

Ron:"? ?"

Ron felt bitter in his heart, but he couldn't say it out loud.

When would he, a genius with unlimited glory in the King's city...

One day, he would be reduced to a point where he couldn't even prove himself.

In this small country.

Ron really wanted to grab this mage by the collar and say,.

"Combat aura doesn't lie. Can't you see that as an intermediate mage?".

But Eddie really couldn't see it.

Because he wasn't an intermediate mage at all, but only a first rank mage.

So he couldn't tell how strong Ron was.

And Eddie didn't have the concept of distinction in his mind.

Because in his eyes.

When he was Ron's age, he was probably already a ninth rank, or saint rank.

A fifth rank could be called a genius?

Don't be ridiculous.

He was just an ordinary person.


In Eddie's eyes, Ron wasn't much different from an ordinary person,

and it wasn't just Eddie who thought so.

Thor, Hermione, and Emily also had the same thought.

Not to mention their race's genius.

Even their race's ordinary cubs were stronger than this Ron.

Only Eddie's current water and fire dual-element talent was passable.

At least it wasn't inferior to the Cubs in their race.

Did a tier 5 really think he was a character?

Any random cubs could crush a so-called genius like Ron.

Ron could only say with a bitter face.

"This sword cost me 500 gold coins."

"If you don't believe me, I can take you to the Dwarven Master in the king's city to have a look."

Ron thought it through.

He couldn't prove it no matter what he did.

He might as well take him to prove it and find out the identity of this youth.

When he heard the king's City, Eddie had a thought.

Even if he had never been there, he knew that the king's city was the most prosperous and wealthy place in the country.

Countless nobles would live here.

They would consume the best and most extravagant things in the country.

Therefore, this was definitely a country with the most developed business.

Then this place must be very suitable for his perfume business.

Let's talk about Ron's compensation later.

Eddie first took out a glass bottle containing transparent liquid and said.

"Let's put the compensation matter on hold. Let me ask you, have you seen this kind of perfume in the king's City?"

Hearing that they weren't talking about compensation, he was instantly revived.

But looking at the strange thing that Eddie took out, Ron was puzzled.

Perfume? What was that.

Was it some new alchemy product?

"I've never heard of any perfume. If It's a perfume, I've used quite a few."

"Musk, perfume, and the like."

As knights, they would occasionally put on armor to train.

But the sweltering heat of summer, coupled with the stench of sweat all over their bodies, sometimes even they couldn't stand it.

Every Knight was unwilling. The second time they put on their armor, it was stinky inside.

Therefore, they usually had a huge demand for this spice.

"Is this a new spice?"

Ron asked curiously.

Mages and alchemists were similar to each other to a certain extent.

Both of them were studying and exploring the nature of the world.

Therefore, many mages would occasionally work part-time as alchemists.

Many people had also created many interesting works.

For example, a quill pen that automatically replenished ink.

A white paper that could be restored no matter how it was kneaded.

A trash can that could tear up trash.

There were many such wonderful alchemy inventions.

Eddie smiled and didn't say anything.

He took the stopper off the glass bottle with his finger.

Suddenly, a strong smell of roses and hormones filled the living room.

Ron didn't feel anything at first.

But as the fragrance became stronger.

His expression also began to change.

The fragrance!

Strong and not choking.

It smelled more comfortable than all the spices and sachets he had used!

Ron instantly sat up from the sofa.

He carefully stared at the magical small glass bottle.

All the mysteries of this fragrance should be contained in this mysterious liquid!

"Is this the perfume you were talking about? Is it for Sale?"

Ron really needed this!

This was practically a blessing for them, the tough guys!

Ron wasn't the only one who was excited.

Tolhermione and Emily were also immersed in the fragrance.

Eddie had said that no woman could escape the smell.

Naturally, it was true.

The three maids looked at the perfume in Eddie's hand, their eyes shining.

Eddie didn't cover it.

He poured out the liquid inside and smeared it on his hand.

Instantly, the fragrance exploded like a bomb.

Then, he gestured for the others to reach out and experience it.

It was transparent and had a slight yellow color. It looked like diluted liquid gold on his hand.

Ron smelled it.

It was even more refreshing than the mint water in the palace.

This... !

This youth actually had such an amazing thing on his hand!

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