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The sound of mouse clicking and keyboard typing could be heard. In the big office space filled with countless cubicles, three men could be seen. All three men are in formal attire. They all were very expensive formal suits. Out of the three, one man was sitting in a cubicle and was working on something. While the other two were standing behind the first man was watching him work.

The man that was working had brown color skin. He had black hair with some strands of white hair dangling around here and there. The man looked in his 40s and was working with great concentration…

"Woah… What the hell did they feed you back in India? You are like a machine dude." One of the men standing behind the Indian man said.

"Shut up… No matter how much you butter me, you two big ones. You are not getting out of here without giving me something for my services." The Indian man said.

"Yeah Yeah we know." The third man said.

And then finally after working on the computer for about 10 mins, the Indian man then was finally done. He did his job…

The duo thanked the Indian man once again. Then all of them grabbed their respective coats and started walking outside. They all were friends and chatted till they reached the ground floor. After that, the trio parted ways and went their separate ways…

The name of the Indian man was Ajay. He was an immigrant from India working for an investment bank. Ajay grew up in poverty back in India. When he was little his parents died in a car crash. Then his grandparents raised him up. He was an intelligent boy since he was little. He worke 漢字 d hard and moved to the USA.

Ajay wanted his grandparents to live a very comfortable life. So he brought them to the USA with him. He took care of them until they both passed away…

Ajay was very happy with his life. He had very loving grandparents. He had good friends. But what he lacked was a companion. Ajay was not shy nor did he look that bad. But he never had any time to pursue any of his love interests.

He had to work hard in the company to achieve his goals. While he also had to take care of grandparents who were old and needed help at every single point of time. So he never had any time to date.

After his grandparents died, he tried dating for some time. But no matter what he did he never was able to find any girl that he was compatible with. And now he was all alone…

Today was 24th November. That meant today was Thanksgiving day. While all of his co-workers were at their home having delicious turkey, Ajay had nowhere to go…

Ajay lived in a small house in Brooklyn. He had bought this house thinking that grandparents would be more comfortable there. But now that house has left a symbol of his loneliness. As he reached Brooklyn he went towards a burger joint. He was hungry and wanted something to eat. So he thought why to order a takeaway while he was at it.

While going into the burger joint, Ajay saw that there was a homeless man sitting by the joint. The old man was dirty and looked like he had not bathed in centuries. Looking at the old man, Ajay came to him and asked…

"Hey, grandpa… Would you like something to eat?" Ajay asked.

"Huh? Why you buying?" the old man asked.

"Sure why not?" Ajay said with a smile.

Then the old man and Ajay went in the joint. The old man ordered a bunch of stuff while Ajay also ordered his food. The manager of the joint, Karen, strictly told them the old man couldn't stay inside. He had to leave.

Complying to her wish, the old man and Ajay came out of the joint. The old man went towards the parking lot. There he sat down and started unwrapping his food. But it was then Ajay also sat beside him and started unwrapping his food…

"What are you doing here boy? Don't you have a family to go to?" the old man asked.

"Nah… That is why I came here to join you." Ajay said.

"Don't my smell bother you?" the old man asked.

"Grandpa I am an Indian. Not your American Indian, but the Indian you find in IT dept. And as an Indian, I am not unfamiliar with a rancid smell." Ajay said.

"Isn't that a little bit offensive?" the old man asked.

"It is… But I am an Indian. I have a right to do it." Ajay said.

"So where is your family Indian boy?" the old man asked while eating his burger.

"Dead… I have no family now." Ajay said.

"Don't you have any chicks that you could go to?" the old man asked.

"Nah… Chicks don't interest me no more." Ajay said.

"Do you like to drive your car on the wrong side of the road?" the old man asked.

"I am not British," Ajay said.

"No I mean you are… G…A….Y." the old man said while spelling out the word 'gay'.

"No… No… I like women. But I am not able to find any women that can you know, make me feel things. So that is why I am still single." Ajay said.

"WUSS." The old man while scoffing at Ajay.

Ajay then ignored the old man and concentrated on eating their respective burger. Then the old man and Ajay talked a lot that night. They talked about each other lives and how it went downhill. The old man then sympathized with Ajay and said…

"Don't worry kid. Believe in God. He will fix everything." The old man said.

"I am currently eating beef. That is something that my god despite. Believe me, when I say this old man if there was God, he would be thinking about my punishment because of my sins." Ajay said with a smile.