7 Making Waves Again!

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After the apprentice mage assessment ended, the candidates rushed back to the foot of the mountain.

Just when everyone was discussing their answers, a tutor, Mr. Snook suddenly announced that they were to return to the academy first to vet the results.

Although the students were puzzled by his abrupt announcement, no one said much.

Thus, they followed the tutor and hurried back to the academy one after another.

As Ronaldo's ecstasy of having finished the assessment wore off, he slowly calmed down.

On the way back to the academy, he was thinking about the trigger conditions of this modifier.

He recalled the first time when the modifier had been triggered, an apprentice mage had run past him. At that moment, he gained 99999999 movement speed.

Then, Jack had deliberately thrown a fireball at him. Somehow, he'd managed to counter it with a great forbidden spell, the Divine Blazing Flame.

Based on this, one could come to a conclusion. As long as someone around him casted a spell, the modifier would be able to rapidly increase the power and strength of his own counter attacks This modifier was a complete hack.

'It seems that I need to entice others to use their abilities in front of me in the future,' Ronaldo thought in his heart.

The path back to the academy was not long.

Before the sky was completely pitch black, the small entourage arrived at the entrance of the academy.

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The tutors leading the team began a headcount.

However, the dean who suddenly appeared next to Mr. Snook caused a ripple of whispers among the students.

After the headcount, Mr. Snook asked the students to hand over the spoils from this advancement assessment.

Originally, the assessment results could be directly checked at the foot of the mountain.

However, the appearance of the flames that were even more powerful than the dean himself put Mr. Snook on his toes. Therefore, he decided to return to the academy at the last minute to check the results of the assessment.

The results of the assessment this time were undoubtedly the worst in recent years. The reason was undoubtedly because of the mysterious fire user. His appearance caused 70 to 80% of tier-1 magical beasts in the mountain range of magical beasts to be slaughtered. In fact, even some tier-2 magical beasts were slaughtered.

This incident affected the ecology of the entire mountain range.

One by one, the names of students that had passed the test were announced. Finally, it was time to announce the list of students who had not fared well and were about to be expelled this year.

Jack smirked.

He was prepared to humiliate Ronaldo when his name was declared among those who had failed the test.

Mr. Snook came to Ronaldo's side and asked him to hand over the results of the test. His voice was very calm, but there was still a trace of undetectable loathing in his eyes.

After all, this student of his could be considered the biggest troublemaker in the entire Eastern Magic Academy.

When Mr. Snook thought about the possibility of Ronaldo being expelled from the academy upon failing the test, he relaxed slightly.

On the other hand, Ronaldo looked very carefree. His speed and affinity with fire elements had already reached a terrifying level. Moreover, he had slaughtered almost 70% of the tier-1 magical beasts in the Trial of the Magical Mountain Beasts. If he brought all his spoils, he would definitely amaze everyone.

However, since he did not have the ability now, there was no need to create trouble for himself.

Ronaldo smiled faintly.

Then, he took out four magic cores from the pocket of his robe.

Before he could do anything else, Jack's mocking laughter had already drawn the attention of the others.

"I say, Senior Brother Ronaldo, you've improved tremendously. Unfortunately, you don't make the cut. Should I call you Junior Brother Ronaldo now? Haha!"

Although the crowd did not appreciate this kind of sarcasm, they could not help but chuckle when they heard the word "brother". After all, the youngest candidate of this test was only eight years old while the oldest student other than Ronaldo was only ten years old. Therefore, this twelve-year-old being called "brother" in front of everyone was indeed somewhat amusing.

Mr. Snook turned around and glared at Jack. Jack felt chills go down his back and did not dare to say anything more. Then, Mr. Snook hid the disappointment in his eyes and said to the eldest student in the Eastern Magic Academy, "Indeed, your progress is obvious, but you are still one step away from the threshold of success. According to the academy's standards, you will be expelled."

The dean sighed and turned his head away. This student had already sat for too many tests. It seemed like the first student to be expelled was finally about to be announced.

Ronaldo did not have much of an expression on his face. He casually took out a transparent magic core from his other pocket. Immediately, some of the sharp-eyed students could not help but scream. Even Mr. Snook, who had been disappointed earlier, became excited. This small commotion attracted the dean, who had just turned his head. When he saw the magic crystal that was shining with a strange light in Ronaldo's hand, his expression changed slightly.

Indeed, the color of the crystal was pure, and at the same time, it glistened with a strange light. This must be a tier-2 magic core. That strange light proved that the strength of this tier-2 magic beast might have already achieved a tier 3 magical beast's lower range of power.

Of course, our protagonist did not know that this magic core was a plant demon that had been accidentally injured while he was casually venting the pressure of these years, and had quietly taken residence in the outer area of the Trial of the Magical Mountain Beasts. This plant demon had originally planned to quietly advance to the outskirts where there were relatively few high-tier magical beasts, and then return to its original habitat.

An extremely powerful fireball had smashed into its body at the crucial moment of its advancement. Unable to dodge it, it had directly turned into a magic core. Of course, no one knew about this at all.

As Ronaldo took out this magic core, all the ridicule subsided like the tide. The students who knew the value of the magic core began to take a stab at how much power its owner possessed. The other students were stunned by the tier of the magic core that Ronaldo had taken out.

With the dean's strength, he obviously knew what the magic core represented. He quickly rushed to Ronaldo's side.

Upon seeing that Ronaldo, who he had just ridiculed, suddenly become the focus of attention, Jack was very bitter. He rolled his eyes and told the dean, "Sir, don't be fooled by him. We don't know where he bought it from."

As the dean's joy turned into doubt, his expression changed.

Catching sight of the change in his expression, Jack struck while the iron was hot. "Unless you can defeat me, you're just a villain who cheats in order to pass the exam."

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