9 Noisier than a girl

He turned his head and found it was Axel, he looked surprised but not as surprised as him. Normally no one should have been able to spot him, so how did Axel see him ?

Kevin walked up to him with a smile on his face, and when he got near Axel, this one said : "Hi Kevin, it was really you, my senses hadn't deceived me, what are you doing here ?"

Kevin didn't respond to his question and he asked him immediately to try to understand how he had been spotted : "Your senses ?"

Axel looked a little embarrassed by his question but he answered him all the same, sighing : "Anyway, you would have found out eventually, everyone knows about me in the Sun Sect. Kevin I'm a shapeshifter, a wolf, and if I have spotted you it was because I have recognized your scent."

He looked at him in astonishment, but the excitement quickly took hold of him and a barrage of questions surged from his lips without him being able to hold them back : "Can you really shapeshift into a wolf ? What color is your fur ? Are you more powerful with your wolf form or with your human form ? Can you change shape at will ? How can I mask my scent ?"

Axel put one of his hands on his mouth to silence him and with his other hand he took off his hood and said : "It's better that way, you don't need to hide you know, if you have problems I can help you as you are part of the Sun Sect now."

In front of the stunned look of Kevin, Axel continued : "You were trying to go unnoticed, right ? If it's not to get away from someone then why are you doing this ?"

Kevin chuckled a little embarrassed and told him the truth : "It's just a habit I have since I was little, I don't have any problems, I swear."

When he saw that Axel seemed dumbfounded he took the opportunity to ask him : "You don't want to answer my questions ?"

Axel then smiled at him and said to him, putting an arm around his shoulders and guiding him to where the Sun Sect had settled : "Kevin do you know that it is only 7:30 am and that you are already noisier than a girl ?"

Kevin had to admit that he had gotten a little overwhelmed by his excitement : "Ok, I'm sorry Axel, so you won't answer my questions ?"

Axel smirked and said to him : "Tell me first what you were doing here and if you want me to answer your questions, come have breakfast with me, okay ?"

Kevin let Axel guided him as this was where he wanted to go anyway and he honestly told him : "I was looking for Alan, I would like to ask him how to do meditation. All the manuals they have given to me talk about it but they don't give any explanation as to what it really is, nor how to do it."

Axel was really pleasantly surprised by Kevin, he intrigued him more and more.

Not only did he undeniably know how to fight, but he could go unnoticed in a crowd and apparently it was something he enjoyed doing.

He had even asked him if he could mask his scent ... And now he found that he had already looked at his books and was already looking for explanations, this little one was a hardworking type, he liked it.

He said to him : "Alan was still at the hotel but he will come and have breakfast here, so you will have the opportunity to see him.

And to answer all your questions, would you like to see me in my wolf form, unless you're too scared."

Kevin who was usually distant and cold with everyone, couldn't hide his emotions when he was with Axel, he told him grabbing his sweater at waist level and looking at him with shining eyes of excitement : "Really ? You aren't kidding, right ?"

Axel seemed surprised by his gesture and his excitement but he could only laugh out loud and swore that he wasn't kidding.

He then saw that they had arrived at the Sun Sect makeshift camp, and he withdrew his hand from his shoulders and patted him on the head, saying : "Here we are Kevin, let's go eat, I'm starving."

Kevin nodded, a beaming smile on his face : "I'm getting hungry too."

Kevin followed Axel to a place that looked like a canteen and he recognized the young man who had registered him first and uncle Douglas, he greeted them both politely and followed Axel who told him to wait at an empty table.

Once Axel left, Kevin found a table in a corner and sat down there, he felt all the eyes turning to him, some were only curious looks and others were downright hostile looks.

He especially noticed a woman who could have been judged as a beauty if her face did not reflect the hatred he inspired her that much.

Pathetic he thought, he didn't know well Axel yet, but he was sure the latter would never be interested in this kind of woman. A smirke appeared on his face and he couldn't resist the temptation to look at her provocatively.

Axel came back just then with their breakfast and he said to Kevin : "Don't mind her, and don't provoke her, she's also a mage and she could make your life hard, I wouldn't be always there to protect you."

Kevin looked at him stunned and thought back to one of his Passive Skills, he used his perception skill on this woman.


Name : IRINA

Race : Human

Level 24

Class : Mage

She wasn't that strong, in a few months he will surely have passed her, so he returned his attention to Axel and used his perception skill on him instead.


Name : AXEL

Race : Shapeshifter (???)

Level ???

Class : Fighter

Kevin smirked, he had suspected that he wouldn't be able to see Axel's level and he assumed that the '???' behind Shapeshifter had to be his animal form so the wolf.

He saw that Axel was still looking at him seriously so he chuckled and said to him : "Who says that I need protection, don't worry about me I can take care of myself."

Axel shook his head and said : "Stay away from her as much as possible, she has very powerful back ups."

Kevin looked at him startled and couldn't help but ask : "If she's got such powerful back ups, aren't you afraid that by rejecting her you will get in trouble ?"

Axel wanted to scold him, how could he thought that he was that weak but everything he wanted to say stayed stuck in his throat when he looked straight into Kevin's green eyes.

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