3 Chapter 2

Ninah's adrenaline was rushing through her veins.

Whoever stated anything about tomorrow was a liar. 

She was well aware that it was late, very late. She knew the night held many deadly beings and was not safe, but she had no choice but to confront him and bring him home. 

Ninah stormed out of the mansion, determined to confront Plutonic and return him to his family. She had no intention of driving there. Ninah inhaled deeply before muttering a few spells to herself, and before she knew it, she was hovering in mid-air. She was to air fly to Plutonic's office at a higher altitude, away from human sight.

That is exactly what she did.

She didn't give a damn if she looked presentable or not. She couldn't tell if her makeup was on or if she'd straightened her skirts because she didn't care.

Her kin, her son, and herself were all important to her. That was the only thing that mattered at the time. That was the most important thing. When Ninah got close to Plutonic's office, or rather the building that housed his office, she slowed down. Before landing a few blocks away and walking towards the building to be less suspicious, she peered around for inquisitive eyes.

Ninah entered the building, used the elevators, and ascended to Plutonic's floor. Even her human ears could hear her heart pounding hard and fast behind her chest.

She didn't give a damn if it was clingy or not. Ninah had no idea why her heart was thumping so loudly or why she was so nervous. She considered herself to be one of the bravest people in all of the packs and clans present.

"Yes? Miss, how can I assist you? ".. With a weary expression on her face, the blonde receptionist behind the desk inquired. The heavy circles under her eyes and the raspy tone in her voice, both of which were caused by caffeine, showed that she didn't want to be here but had no choice.

Ninah gulped hard as she cleared her throat, her gaze falling on the receptionist. She was extraordinarily attractive, even with her tired face. 

It wasn't that she didn't believe in her own attractiveness, but Amina's comments had suddenly resurfaced in her memory. 

She wasn't ugly; she was just dark-skinned, dark-haired, slim, and a little tall, but she was still lovely, right? If not, Plutonic could not have selected her as his wife, or perhaps he did not choose her because of her beauty, as most men say to their wives?

Plutonic was a large, dark-skinned man who was tall, shaven, and exceedingly attractive. As she had seen on TV, he was a man who could make women constantly flirt with him. Plutonic, Gregory, their son, and she were the only dark-skinned members of the FireWing clan, yet no one made them feel inferior because of their race or skin color. They didn't, no.

"Um, I'm here to talk to Plutonic?". Ninah answered but posed her response more like a question. The receptionist's eyebrows shot up and she seemed to be more alert than before once Ninah had referred to her boss in a non casual manner making her wonder who the hell this woman was.

"And you are?". The blonde receptionist asked, her curiosity taking the better side of her. Who comes in the middle of the night to ask for her boss? Her exclusively hot boss? Moreover calling him by his name with no formalities?Who does that?.

Ninah gave her a sidelong glance. She was implying that she was aware of the Blonde's thoughts. "Please inform my husband that I have arrived to speak with him. Or should I go to his office and introduce myself? ".. Ninah uttered something she didn't mean to say. She only wanted the blonde to put an end to the filthy thoughts in her head and rush over to  her husband to tell him what was on her mind.

Her brows furrowed in surprise at the news "Madam, please accept my apologies. Mr. Plutonic is in a tense meeting with members of the board of directors and a few stockholders "..

"A meeting at this hour?" Ninah scoffed, but didn't seem surprised. Plutonic's strange behavior was nothing new to her.

"Yes, ma'am. Because most of the board members were unavailable during the day, the meeting was rescheduled for the evening ".. The receptionist explained everything to her.

Ninah gave a quick nod to indicate that she understood, but she didn't intend to go. She seemed to have no intention of waiting for Plutonic and his conference to complete before approaching him.

"Can you tell me when the meeting will end?" Ninah inquired, her elbows resting on the desk as the blonde looked down at her computer before providing her with more information.

"Unless they are discussing more critical subjects, the meetings normally last roughly three hours. There is only one hour remaining till the meeting concludes ".. With a slight smile, the blonde said.

Ninah smiled back, but it wasn't a true smile. "Alright. This is very appreciated. Then I'll wait for him ".. She said this as she retreated to the waiting metallic benches, which were now very cold due to the weather and the hour, but she didn't complain or say anything, even when the receptionist kept sending her glares of concern from time to time, she ignored them.... ignored her and pretended that she was okay, which she wasn't.

After thirty minutes, the receptionist withdrew behind the left-hand door and reappeared with two mugs of coffee. She handed one to Ninah, who eagerly accepted it.

"Thanks". Ninah grumbled as she curled her hands around the cup, allowing the cup's warmth to pervade her body.

"Welcome, Mrs. Plutonic" With that tiny smile, the receptionist replied.

"Just call me Ninah," she responded. Ninah took the opportunity to introduce herself.

"Oh. Gabriella is my name. You can call me Gaby, like some of my friends do ".. Gabriella... Gaby, the receptionist, said.

"It's nice to meet you, Gaby."

"It is my joy." Gabriella replied as they exchanged a quick handshake.

"Have you been here for a long time?" Ninah inquired as she sipped her coffee, which had a lot of cream and sugar in it that she didn't like for, but it was still coffee, right? Coffee was still excellent since she needed it right now.

"Huh?". "Two years now," Gabriella inquired, as if she hadn't heard the question, but she answered nonetheless.

"That's excellent. Do you feel at ease working here? ".. Ninah inquired merely out of curiosity, or so she pretended.

"Y-yeah.. Yes I am," Gabriella said, intrigued by the sudden barrage of inquiries. She was stuttering. "I mean, the salary is nice and everything... there are no complaints."

As she returned to her workstation, Ninah hummed to indicate that she had heard her. She did her hardest to wait and be as patient as possible, but after an hour, she said nothing except "Perhaps they need a few minutes before the meeting is over." She thought to herself, but she couldn't hide. It was as if she was the only one in the room with the clock. There was no one else in the room. It was as if the clock was enormous... like, a massive clock... and it was ticking so fast and loudly that it seemed to be laughing at her. Laughing at her because she was so adamant she'd talk to her husband, but he hadn't even finished his so-called meeting, he didn't know she was even here, and he didn't know if he'd ever find out or if he'd ask her to leave after his meeting.the fact that she was staring at the clock on the wall next to Gabriella. 

She couldn't hide the fact that she was counting the seconds as they ticked away to form the minutes.

"You could go sit in his office and wait." After three more hours had gone, Gabriella suggested, and Ninah was now pacing the room back and forth with tremendous impatience.

"No. I'll just sit here and wait ".. Ninah replied with her arms crossed across her chest.

Ninah waved Gabriella away with a little grin, despite Gabriella's concern... A sorrowful grin. The clock appeared to be ticking faster now, and each tick rang loudly in her head.

It had become intolerable. She'd had it with it and couldn't take it any longer. It was six a.m. Seconds were thirty two.... thirty three.... thirty four.... She stormed out and walked away. She couldn't wait any longer, and she also had a son to care for.

"Everyone was concerned about you." Amina stated after Ninah had gained access to the house. "Gregorz hasn't woken up yet." As Ninah made her way upstairs to her son's room, she added.

How could she stand in front of Amina and tell her she hadn't seen Plutonic? That she stayed up all night at the office waiting for him and his "meeting" never ended? It was as though Plutonic had lost interest in them.

He was only interested in wealth, wealth, and more wealth. Didn't he realize his family was well-off? Isn't it true that having that family would make them happier than having a lot of money? But, she reasoned, she loved him too much to remain enraged indefinitely.

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