1 What Is Your Name?

The school bell rings.

It's an indication that the morning class has ended.

Amber looked outside the window as the wind goes by. Many students have deserted the place. She picked up her things and put them inside her bag. From the library, she rushed to her designated room which is just two rooms away.

It's the first day of her class. She just moved into town and she is trying to become familiar with her new environment.

She can hear some students murmuring as she passes by while some evaded her.

As she entered the room, she took the seat at the back which is next to the window and ignored the eyes staring at her.

She heard a thud from the foot of her desk. "That's my seat."

The voice made her look up to its owner and she was enchanted.

The guy is good looking even without a smile on his face while both of his hands are on his pockets.

"Oh, I'm sorry." Amber muttered as she hurriedly took her stuff. The guy handed her books to her.

"Thanks--" Before she could retrieve her books from him, the guy put her books down to the desk next to him.

"You can sit here since nobody dares to sit next to me." He smirked and sat down to his seat.

She was speechless as it became more awkward when she saw the rest of the students who seemed to be watching an spectacle a while ago started to turn their backs and mind their own business.

Amber looked at him again and she thinks he seems harmless. He doesn't even look like a bully or a gangster.

"Good afternoon, everyone..." The teacher came which caught her attention and they started to make a short introduction.

The students in the class naturally greeted the teacher back and technically Amber is the only newcomer since she just transferred today which is the middle of the semester.

"Now, we have here... our new student from Metro City." The teacher called Amber's attention to stand up.

She stood up and reluctantly gave them a smile. Everyone is staring at her with mixed emotions and she doesn't even know if they like her or not.

"Hello, everyone. I'm Amber An. I hope we all become friends. Please take care of me." It is her wishful thinking. She caught herself looking at the guy sitting next to her who up until now is just looking outside of the window and without a care of what's happening with his surrounding. Amber sighed but, to her surprise, when she looked around everyone gave her a round of applause and welcomed her with a big smile. She just smiled back and finally calmed down in her seat.





"Hey, Amber. Do you have a boyfriend?" Out of the blue, the guy who is sitting in front of her desk asked. His name is Aciel Yan and he's the class monitor. He seems to be smart but playful because of his smile.

"Ouch! You don't need to hit me." He hissed at the girl who is sitting next to her.

"I have to.. because that question is so abrupt. Don't welcome her that way." She is Belle Min and she seems to be the prettiest in the class even with her round eyeglasses. She looks like a doll.

"Thanks for your thoughts." Amber just smiled at her while she struggled in putting her stuff back to her bag.

"And what's wrong with that? I just wanted to know so that I will be the first in line. Right?" Aciel ignored Belle and winked at Amber. Belle just frowned and pushed him away.

"Don't mind him. He's been challenged to get a girlfriend before graduation because he's been slacking. And he's advised to just get married to inherit their family business."

"Says who?" Aciel protested.

Belle just shook her head and waved goodbye. "We'll go ahead."

Amber just nodded and watched them leave.

She felt relieved because the day went smoothly. She was able to focus on her studies. She made new friends and she is happy. Finally, it's also time for her to leave but when she was about to get up from her seat, she noticed that the mysterious guy next to her was still fast asleep.

He sounds peaceful and she has almost forgotten about his existence like everyone else. In fact, it seems that nobody dares to mention his name. For an unknown reason, Amber decided to watch him sleep.

His eyes are shut and it feels like he's a living corpse because his body is not moving. She couldn't even hear his breathing. She tried to stretch out her right hand to check if there's still air coming out from his nose.

To her horror, before she could reach to touch his face, he has already caught her hand even when his eyes are still closed. She froze due to the shock.

"Don't ever do that again." He exclaimed as he opened his two beautiful eyes to meet hers. "Nobody dares to touch my face. Keep that in mind."

It was terrifying but she wasn't scared. Amber was more thrilled and became more curious. "Why?"

He straightened up while still holding onto her hand which made her blushed. "I don't think YOU have the right to question me."

"Not YOU, it's Amber." Amber protested with every effort to remind him that she has a name as she pulled her hand away.

She saw him raised one of his eyebrows. "I don't have time to argue."

"Okay. But--"

He looked back at her. "But what?"

"I'm your new classmate and you're the only one I haven't known yet. Can't I even get to know your name?"

Amber saw him smirked. "Hunter. Hunter Liu."

"Okay, I got it." She smiled and reached out his hand once again.

"Now what?" He asked while looking at her innocently.

Amber shook his hand and smiled. "Nice to meet you, Hunter."

He cleared his throat and mumbled. "Right. Let's just go. It's already getting dark."

Amber just watched him stood up and get all his stuff. He motioned towards the door with his handbag on his shoulder and she just followed after.





Amber kept on counting their steps as they reached the front gate. Though it's dark, the scenery is beautiful. She saw him stopped and looked at her. He knew exactly that she's been following him all along.

"What?" Amber asked innocently.

"Do you perhaps need anything from me?" Hunter answered her with a question.

"Huh? Uhmm... I just want to be friends." Amber smiled shyly.

"Fine. We're friends. Happy?" Hunter replied after a sigh.

She instantly grabbed his hand and say, "Yes! I'm happy."

He brushed her head as if she was a little child. "Silly. Wait here."

Amber was dumbfounded when he suddenly disappeared and returned with a motorcycle. He looks very cool with it and she doesn't even know how or where it came from.

"As your new friend, I'll give you a ride. Just tell me your address and I'll set my gps." He said as he reached out his mobile phone.

"Oh. Okay, I got it. Here you go." She returned his mobile phone and he attached it to his motorcycle.

"Hop in." He offered his hand for her to get on his back. Then he held both of her hands to embrace him. "And hold on tight." He demanded as he had his helmet on. Amber secretly blushed.

It is her first ever experience to ride a bike. Moreover, it's her first time to trust a new acquaintance with her life for a ride and it feels like time stood still.





"We're here." Hunter stopped at the side and he helped her get back down.

"Thanks." Amber replied then he looked around her neighborhood.

"You're sure this neighborhood is safe?" He asked and she just nodded. "Here's my number. Call me if anything happens."

She took the calling card from him and smiled at him. "Okay. I will."

"Good night, Amber." He left without hearing her say anything back. It was like music to her ears when he said her name. She feels very happy that they're now friends. Still, he remains a mystery. She has so many questions about Hunter. Then, a smile formed in her lips as she put herself to sleep.

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