1 The Key

Her hand was still shaking and even her breathing was fast. Her prom dress was already full of mud and she was not worried about it.

The forest at the back of the Academy is off limits to students and even faculty members since there was a rumor that there was a serial killer in the area.

Sol doesn't mind that at all.

She have to know the whole truth, even if it will cost her own life.

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The cabin was a familiar spot you can see from the rooftop of the academy. She was heading into that direction with full speed. The cabin is open and she entered without hesitation. Since everyone is busy and enjoying the Prom night, while she was trying to solve her whole life. There was a lot of locker, chairs and old desk in the room. But one look in the right side of it she knew she was looking for the locker with a guitar sticker.

It happens real fast, when she opened that locker she knew there was no turning back.

The rusty key that Aries gave him perfectly fits the hole of the locker. The knobs are somehow old and she was having a hard time turning it. Human Bones were scattered and reveals an untold stories of her past.

Her whole body shivers when she saw a familiar photograph pinned on the locker door . It send tears to her eyes. She will never be the same again.

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