1 Ch 1 prolouge/broken hearted

Hello, my name is Haruta Aiko. I'm a architecture college student with an ordinary family and friends.Today im going to ask out a girl who i have been paying attention to, she's really pretty and have a very cute attitude😊 i love her very much. Anyways while i was walking down the hall i saw a brown haired girl and a very handsome guy, oh...Wait....I know him, his the school idol, but why is he here? it seems he was doing a Japanese kabedon on someone... how cliche, romance these days...I sighed and tried to take another route to my adorable crush who i wanted to ask out with. While i was turning my heels i remembered something...who was that brown haired girl? plus she sounded very familiar....hmm...Im quite curious so i turned around then quickly hid behind the wall so that no one would notice me, i watched. quietly between these two, while i was doing that the girl shouted [Get away from me!] i couldn't see her clearly since that guy blocked her from my view behind, but then the guy answered and angrily shouted [NO! WHY WOULD I! AFTER ALL THESE YEARS YOU CHEATED ON ME!?] Hm? it seemed the girl was cheating on him, but...I've never heard he had a girlfriend!? it seems that I've uncovered something that shouldn't be.....😑oh well...its kinda like these romance movies that the female lead was secretly dating the most rich,popular or handsome guy...Oh geez....i couldn't help but chuckled quietly since they were still there, but then the girl shouted [I didn't cheat on you!! u just suspect me because i was hanging out with haruto aiko!!]............


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