1 Chapter 1

Once their was a girl named Briana, she was the most shyest person you can find. She didn't like to talk to people that she wasn't comfortable with, especially when it comes to BOYS!! She was so calm and she had chubby cheeks, like a baby. She was a 9th grader at Kennewick high. She had a lot of best friends and they all loved eachother as a family of their own. She woke up one morning and got dressed up for school she grabbed her backpack and ran off to school. When she got there there was a group of guys in a circle. I have never seen them in my life, so I tried to go another way. One of them shouts out, " Hey guys, we have a visitor!" I heard that. and I ran , but one of them caught up to me and trapped me from the waist! He stared at me for awhile and let me go. I was confused, but I kept on running.

I went through my school day without seeing those group of guys. It was very strange. but I was glad I didnt have any classes with those people. Or maybe they didnt even go to this. Strange. I wondered.

The end of school bell rang, " Ring!! Ring!! Ring!!" I went off the same way as this morning and didnt see anyone so kept on walking. I was so relieved.