My Love is a Criminal Prince Book

novel - Contemporary Romance

My Love is a Criminal Prince


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Jesseye Scarta, a laugh, a knife... a piece of raw chicken?! This young chef is completely unexperienced, but her eyes are set on something huge, something impossible -- being the head chef of a five star restaurant. She has no money, so she resorts to the only other skill she has -- pick pocketing. It.. doesn't work out. After snatching from the wrong person, she finds herself a spot in the slammer. She begins to realize that she can't accomplish her goals alone. Jesseye needs a team. She finds love instead... and now, it could ruin all her plans, her future. Shane Marshall, the crown prince of wicked Virtue, her excellent partner in crime, is irresistible. He's quiet, rude, ruggedly rough; but she can't keep away. He knows it, he likes it, yet he pushes her away? His cold, harsh exterior holds back hurt she can't imagine to understand. His father has abandoned him, his brothers abused him, his mother left them. Intimacy isn't a luxury he can afford.


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