My Love From The Skies Book

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My Love From The Skies


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"" "Why didn't you wait for me? And why when I love him and you will look for me?" Derfhadar's passionate demeanor to his former loved one from nowhere. Traces of pain and sorrow on his face. "Forgive me and I did not fight when we loved and stood up" replied his beloved Joseph who was obviously crying and suddenly disappeared with the rain. "" "Even if people do not want to judge us because of our gender and desires, even if we try to drive away our true identity, it is like the sun, sometimes we do not need it but tomorrow or the day after tomorrow the sun will still shine." It mediates between two young men with different states of life. Meeting destiny at the wrong time. In the world we live in, eyes are on us and mistakes are on the horizon. When will right and wrong prevail if the view of others in their love is immoral. This is the story of Joseph Miller and Derfhadar Adjid. This is the mission that Vladimir Santos should know in the book he discovered. Watch out for Vladimir's mystery and journey to answer the mystery in the book of their love.