1 left at the altar

"Do you take this man to be your husband?" the pastor asked. "yes" she said and smiled, "Do you take this beautiful woman as your wife?" the pastor asked. "uhm uh" he started stumbling and sweating "am sorry but I can't do this" he said and left the place and drove off. Everyone was shocked and she was left at the altar again for the third time.

She cried and cried and her daughter coaxing her not to cry."stop crying mother, everything will be okay." she said but her mother never stopped crying. After a while everything was put away and everyone left busy gossiping. "for the third time!'' they said "she should just give up marriage" they said "lets hope she doesn't give her daughter the curse".


Elizabeth- a woman who had blonde hair and black eyes with skin that had a tiny tint of caramel in it. she had a slenda body that was hourglass shaped. She fell in love with a man called Lucius at the age of 17. These two dated for 4 years and had a daughter. Lucius was about to marry Elizabeth but he decided to leave at the altar because he didn't love her as much. A year later she met another guy called Samson at work, these two dated for a while and then decided to get married and then again she was left at the altar. nine years later she met another guy called Lewis and she figured third time's a charm right? and they decided to get married and yet she got her heart broken again.

Kimberly- the daughter of Lucius and Elizabeth. When Elizabeth wanted to marry Lewis, she was 16 years of age.She had black shoulder length hair and was really tall with big black eyes and she was kind and smart and really beautiful.boys didn't like her though, because she always wore clothes to throw them off and made her hair cover her whole face, but she could still see through the hair.

The two are leaving the city to live somewhere else because of Elizabeth's job. The company moved the two to a place where rich people lived and they supplied the mother and child with a not so big house there. The company also paid Kimberly's school fees at her new school and this was their permanent home forever.

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