My love from another door Book

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My love from another door


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[dramatic teen romance. Warning!! too refreshing] "am Austin Filmore the first son of the owner of this school and the Filmore company." he said and looked at her. "okay" she said ' why is he talking to me?' she thought. "And you are?" he asked a bit frustrated. "kimberly smith" she said and he nodded. "why is your hair like that?" he asked wanting to open her hair to see her face when she hit his hand and everyone in the class gasped. "why did you do that?! show me your face Kimberly!!" he said frustrated and tried again but she dodged and hit his hand until he gave up."meet me on the roof at break" he whispered to her and she nodded and the teacher got in and taught and after a long long while it was break. Austin already left so Kim packed her stuff and took her lunch and put her headphones and headed to the roof. And of course they looked at the scary girl walking alone. she headed to stairs and went to the roof with her lunch and and a can in her other hand. she got to the roof and the twins left when they saw her and he was left with two of his friends, Dylan and Cole, who were supposedly also rich and beautiful. " I thought you wouldn't come" Austin said and his friends looked horrified by her. "austin?! is this her?" Cole asked and Austin nodded. "ok we'll be downstairs" Dylan said and they ran down the stairs. Kimberly looked at Austin and Austin did same. "show me your face now!!" he shouted and demanded and she shook her head "Do it or else I will get you expelled" he threatened. Kim remembered her mom's words 'dont get in trouble with anyone at the school because they are all rich and will ruin your life' she thought and then she sighed and put her lunch down. "okay but only to you" she said and parted her hair and showed her face. Austin's mouth dropped when he saw her face. hehe read to find out what she like!!


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