5 Weekend

Luna's pov:

Why is Aiden slamming his head against the bookshelf? He must have lost his mind.

I can't believe that a hot boy came to me earlier with his number on the paper. I kiss the paper and hold it against my chest. I'm so happy. It's the first time someone gives me a phone number.


"Hello, Mia."

"Luna, where are you?" She responds

"At the library in the corner."

"Wait, I think I see you." I see her looking around. I wave my hand at her.

"Mia, listen, you don't know what just happened. A hot boy just gave me his number." I stand up and hug her.

"Really? Girl, you're not joking with me, right?"

"No, check it yourself" I give her the piece of paper.

We scream with happiness and jump up and down.

"Girls, be quiet. we are in a library, girls." One of the staff came to us."Sorry, sir." We both apologized. At that moment, I saw Aiden staring at me.

Aiden is acting weird these days.

"What are you looking at?" She looks around.

"I'm... nothing"

"So when are you going to text him? Leave it over to me, I will do it for you. Let's go!" We link arms.


"I just texted him" she walks around in circles in my house."Shall I call beth and ask her to come over as well?"She nods her head.

"No, don't call her. I don't know why she is having a tough time at home, but I believe that she will let us know soon." She looks at me with a dreadful face.


"No way, he's calling you. I think he saw the message. Hurry pick it up, Luna!" Mia runs to me."Hello?"

"Put it on the speaker, luna!" Mia whispers in my ear. I did as she told me because I am uneasy talking to a stranger for the first time.

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"Hey, how are you doing?" He responds."I am good? Uhm, what about you?" I say softly."That's good. I don't get the chance to ask you earlier what is your name pretty?"Mia starts smiling and punishing me.

"My name is Luna. Thank you for asking"

"I am Jimmy. You don't need to talk so formally to me. Let's just say that we are friends from now on. I was going to ask you something. Will you go out with me tomorrow?" He replies.

I don't know what to answer. I am confused and look at Mia, nodding her head yes.

"Are you sure you want me to go out with you?" I insist on this one.

"Yes, I am positive. Hahaha...you're my type. Don't worry about anything, everything will be prepared. Later on, you will get the location for tomorrow. See you pretty."

"See you then." I chuckle. He cuts the call.

Mia and I both burst into laugher.

"I'm so happy for you, Luna! We need to celebrate this, but first your outfit." She looks at my wardrobe.

"I don't think I have anything nice to wear." I look down with a sad face.

"That's why I'm here to help you remember? Tomorrow, I will bring you a one-piece dress from my clothes." She smiles.

"Awh, thank you." I hug her.


I am on my way to see Jimmy. I hope this dress looks decent on me. I look on my phone and see that I came even 30 minutes earlier than expected.

When I looked up, I couldn't believe my eyes. My mouth fell open. I can't believe that he invited me to such a gorgeous, glassy, and modern building. It's too tall, like who in the world would spend their first date here?

When I walked in, I realized that it is even more beautiful inside."Hi, do you have any reservations, or are you going to make one?" One of the staff asks me.

"Uhm...I am here to see Jimmy Willson.

"Yes, you came earlier than he excepted, but you can go upstairs to the fifth floor. You will see him there." She smiles and points towards the elevator.

"Wow...even the elevator looks fancy." I am looking around like a crazy person.

"You look gorgeous, but you came earlier. Is there something wrong, pretty?" It's Jimmy looking good with a suit.

"Yess...my heart-

"No, I am just joking." I come to my senses. What the hell is wrong with me today?

"You are a pretty and funny girl. Let's go, I will take you to the restaurant." He comes closer and puts his arm over my shoulder.

I look at him, walking me to the elevator. Is this our first step? I feel a bit uncomfortable.

"Do you like it here?" He pushes the chair for me.

"Yeah...I do like it. It's a bit too fancy, don't you think?" I take a seat and thank him.

"Actually, I come here every day. My father owns it."My jaw dropped. Come back to earth, Luna I think in my mind. I have to act cool. I flip my hair over and say to now,

"That's why you brought me here. I get it now." I laugh awkwardly, almost wanting to cry to be here in a super expensive restaurant.

"Yeah. I am going to get some food and drinks for us. Wait here." He walked to the kitchen and started talking to one of the chefs there.

I can see everything from my seat because it's a clear window. I notice an odd thing. Jimmy is making some weird movements which made the chef freeze in his place.

I think he's talking about our drink. He gets closer to him and whispers something in his ear. Then he turns around and smiles at me. I smile back and wave at him.


"How does your salmon taste?" He says.

"It's super good created. I like it." I respond.

"Here are your drinks. Have a lovely night." One of the workers gives us drinks.

"It's one of our best-selling drinks. I think you would like it...have a try." He says.

I take a sip from this red, iced drink which tastes very strong. I look up at him in shock.

"Don't worry, it is not what you think. I did not use anything illegal, like alcohol or something. You know we're just high schoolers." He chuckles.

I believe him in some way.

After dinner, he bought me to the lounge, and we started talking about ourselves.

"Ah, my head. I feel dizzy and cold." Everything was spinning around me and fade away.

"Are you okay? Luna, is everything alright?" That's the last thing I heard him say.

Aiden's pov:

I came 2 hours before they arrived. I am wearing a hat and a tracksuit. At least I got cash on me, and dad doesn't know that I am here at his best friend's hotel.

I saw Jimmy earlier talking to one of the cooks in private. When the cook was making the drinks, he added different things to one of the drinks.

Luna drunk it. My feelings were good about this jerk.

Minutes later, they go to the lounge, and I follow them unnoticed. I take a seat behind them, facing my back towards Jimmy.


Dad is calling me at the wrong time. I leave it and put it on vibration. He calls more than five times. I think he knows that I am not home.

I go out of the crowd and pick it up.

"Aiden! Where are you?" He screams mad."What's that noise around you?" He says again.

"Dad, I'm staying over at a friend's house. We went out to a football tournament."

"So you're with joey right now?" He asks me. I will have to lie to him right now.

"Yes, dad, I need to go now. See you tomorrow." I shut the call quickly and walk back to the lounge. I look around, but I can't find them anywhere.

From a far distance, I see Luna going into the lift with his arm around her waist. There's something wrong with her. 

She is walking as if she's asleep with her head down.

I run as fast as possible to the reception and ask her to tell me Jimmy's room.

"No, sorry, we can't expose our customer's privacy and security to strangers."

"I'm not a stranger to Jimmy. He's my best friend. He called me over" I lie to her, looking down and holding my hat.

"So what's your name, if I may ask you?" She responds.

"I am Sebastian. Can't you see do I need to call Jimmy to you?!" I raise my voice a bit and take out my phone.

"Sorry, Sebastian, I didn't look good at you. You look a bit different today, but here's the card. He's in room number 378." She gives a card to.

That was a relief. I make my way to the lift and press the button like crazy.

When I reached the floor, I run to the door and fling it open.

There's where I saw Jimmy standing in front of her. She is lying on the bed unconscious.

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