6 The rumor

Aiden's pov:

He moved back from panic and looked startled.

"How did you-

Before he could finish, my hands reached down and grab him by the collar.

I drag him away from luna and beat him down on the ground. I'm not feeling myself right now.

My fist clutter on his face. He starts begging me in a quavering voice.

"Please, don't do this... I'm wrong.." I saw in his eyes that he was hurt, but I kept on beating him. I need to make sure that he can't move until I finish with him.

"Wtf are you doing here, Aiden?" Someone says behind my back. I stop and look up. It's his friend Sebastian.

He jumps into us and holds Jimmy up that can barely hold his balance.

"How do you know about this place? I heard you guys. Don't worry and be lucky today, but tomorrow you're next." I look at him furiously.

He takes steps away in panic and carries Jimmy out with him. I slowly walk to Luna and place my bloody hand on her cheek.

I don't have much time. I take her to a different room that I have reserved for her in case something would happen.

Luna's pov:

My head hurts horribly. I look around and see that I am in a different place than my room.

"What happens to me yesterday? Why am I wearing a dress?"


"Open the door, room service check."

"I'm coming, wait!" I run to the door and see one of the workers.

"You're still here, ma'am?"

"What do you mean by that?" I am completely lost. Maybe she knows how I came here.

"Your boyfriend came to check on you this morning. The same boy from yesterday night," she replied while replacing some towels in the wardrobe.

"My boyfriend? Can you tell me how he looks like?" I'm curious about who she's talking about.

"He's tall, handsome, has brown hair, and is the same age as you. He even paid for your room and left yesterday night. He carried you around in the hall. I think you were asleep.

I can't figure out who it is. I think I have lost some memories from yesterday night.

"Thank you for informing me about it. I need to go right now." I run out the door and go downstairs.

"Hi, I want to know the person who paid for my room," I ask the lady at the reception.

"I'm sorry. I am not allowed to tell because of privacy and security." I thank her for help and go home.


"How was your first little date?" Mia grabs my arm while we're walking to school.

"Not the way I thought that it would go. He brought me to a fancy hotel and restaurant." I sigh with disappointment.

"That's amazing, but why do you look so down?"

"I only remember him giving me something to drink after that, I got knocked out." I start crying.

"How dare he? I will go and see that jerk today." She wraps her arms around me, which makes me cry even louder.

"Let's get you some tissue from the toilets. We are a little bit earlier at school today." We walk into the toilets and Mia looks around to see if there are other girls inside.

"It's safe here. You can take your hands off your face now."

"Why is beth not coming to school today? Is she sick?" I say while looking in the mirror.

"She said she had things to do. She is not active as usual and too busy with her life. I wonder

what's going on with her." Mia responds and tries to fix my ruined makeup.

On our way to the classroom, I saw people staring and pointing at me.

When I heard my name and Jimmy, I knew straight away that this wasn't a good thing.

"Imagine like you didn't t hear anything and just walk, Luna" Mia snatches my hand.

"I think everything is finished now. Let's go out the first lesson is going to start in a minute." We walk out to go to the lessons.

"Okay class, take out your English book on page 24."

I feel miserable. My body is weak.

"Luna. Can I talk to you after lessons?" Aiden whispers next to my ear.

"Why would you-

"Aiden, come to my office now!" strolls the director in without me finishing my sentence.

Everyone starts whispering in the class the moment he stood up. I don't understand what's going on today.


"Luna, we have few more lessons and then we can go home."

I can see that mia is trying hard to make me not listen to the people chatting about me.

"I know. Can you hold my books? I need to go quickly to the toilet."

I give her my books and backpack and walk away.

Sad enough Aiden walks in my direction and stops me.

"What do you want?" I cross my arms

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He runs his fingers through his hair. I can see that he is nervous and avoiding my eyes.

"Luna, I need to tell you this. I was with-

"Wait...is she not the one that went with Aiden and Jimmy to that expensive hotel this weekend?"

"She is a golddigger." I heard one girl say to another.

"I- " he tries to approach me.

Automatically I took steps back from him before I could hear what he was going to say.

I can't believe it was him who was there. I don't want to cry in front of him, but my tears start to fall.

Aidens pov:

Those jerks will get what they deserve. How am I going to tell Luna the thrust about that night before she hears the others?

After I spoke to the director, I waited for her to appear. I noticed that she is walking by herself at the perfect timing. I walk towards her and tell her.

"Luna... I need to tell you this. I was with-

Before I could tell her anything, some girls said rumors that were not true about her.

I try to tell her the truth, but she runs away crying.

I know that Jimmy and the other jerk are behind all of this. I give the lockers some punches to relieve my bad temper.

"Look who we have here." Sebastian walks to me, laughing hard with some other boys.

"How are you going to save your little girl now?" He whispered into my ear.

He comes at the wrong timing.

"You little- " I punch him in the face, which makes him fall on the floor. I know where this is going to lead to, but I don't care right now.

*next day*

Luna's pov:

The sun is shining into my eyes. I look at the time and see that it's almost afternoon.

I do some stretches to wake myself up and get ready for work. I know I have to be at school right now, but I will skip today.

I'm worried about my dad since he didn't call me for two days. I head to work, faking like nothing is going on with my life.


"You're early today, luna," my boss smiles at me.

"Yeah, I finished earlier than normal" I scratch my head out nervousness.

"Okay, you can take over then. One thing, someone came looking for you earlier."

"Who?" I respond to her.

"The handsome boy from a few days ago," she winks at me.

"You name every boy that comes in the store handsome." She laughs like I said a humorous joke.

"Anyways, see you tomorrow. Make sure to lock it well. Phone me if anything happens." She walks away.

We don't know each other that long, but she trusts me. She lives in two houses next to the store. Relaxing is the only thing she needs every day.

She has such a good life compared to mine right now.

I look like a zombie hiding from reality. Sometimes I wonder why this all happens to me.

Did God forget about me after birth? I'm lost in my thoughts and heard someone talking.


Omg, not him again. I roll my eyes at him.

He has something against my existence and ruins every moment of my life. I look at him.

The minute he came closer, I noticed that he has bruises and a blue eye.

"I want to tell you the truth about what happened." I nodded my head no, still staring at his face. He must have been in a fight with someone, but I don't care about him.

"I saved your life, okay... you should thank me for that," he says again. I laughed at him, not knowing why he's lying right in my face.

"You're only ruining my life right now. Please get out of the store if you don't need anything."

I walk over to the shelves to keep myself away from him.

Out of the corner of my eyes, I can feel him staring at me. Then his footsteps come closer to my way.

Unexpectedly he turned me around and snatched my wrist.

"WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU'RE DOING?" I look at him angrily.

When he saw me trying to free myself from him, he pressed me against his body. I feel the warmth coming from his body.

"If you don't listen to me right now... I am going to do something you will regret," he says with a

dangerous face.

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