3 New table groups

Aiden's pov:

Thanks, you can drop me out here.

"It is five minutes from here, I will bring you to the museum." He insists on it.

No, I want some fresh air before I go there.

I walk out of the car. I have no idea where to go.

Where is it, sir?

"You go straight on that street, take your left side, the second door" he points on the street.

Alright... bye. I wave at him. He is the only nice person in my house even though he doesn't live with us.

When I reach the end of the street, I take my right side. As a shock, a girl bumps into me. I grab her by her waist so that she doesn't fall to the ground. She looks innocent at me.

"Woah, sorry I-

I stop talking when I realized that I know her. She is the same girl who called me 'Sir' from the shop. She has the same uniform as me.

Does this mean we are going to the same class?

Why am I even apologizing to her when she crashed into me? I come to my senses.

She starts to blush.

"You are enjoying this, aren't you?"

"What?" She responds nervously

I let go of her, which made her fall to the ground.

"Aww... that hurts. My knee!"

I continue walking.

"Wait, do you know the way to the museum?"

I open up the door and see everyone standing there.

"Aiden, you are late on your second day of school! Luna, come inside! I can see you in the corner." We all looked up at the door.

She is walking difficult with a scratch on her knee.

Limping from the door, she stands near me.

I had no idea that she got hurt by me. I have to go and get a plaster for her, that is the least I can

do for her.

"Okay, since you two are late, pair up and do the activities together."

"Luna, first come to me to get a plaster." My teacher reaches out his hand to her.

It's like he read my mind.

After he did the first aid on, luna, he gave us the paper for the activity.

She follows me.

I walk to a random place in the museum, but she still follows me while limping with one leg.

Have you never done this before? Why do you keep following me? I say to her.

"Uhm... we have to do it together," she answers politely.

"Look... I want to do this alone and get a good grade for this. You can also do it yourself, don't waste my time."

Luna's pov:

I can't believe he is so rude to me. Why isn't he listening to me?

"Look... I want to do this alone and get a good grade for this. You can also do it yourself. Don't waste my time." he sighs at me.

"How can you say this when you hurt me? You didn't even apologize to me!"

"Is this how you girls think when you see me? What do you want me to do now? Give you piggyback? Money?"

"You jerk-

From anger, I throw the papers on the ground.

"Do it by yourself!"

I had pain in my leg. I was walking with a limping leg and walk out.

I lean towards the wall, slide down slowly and cover my face with my hands.

I don't want anyone to see me crying like a little kid. I feel so ashamed. I liked him for years, he turns out to be a jerk with no feelings.

"I will stop liking you heartless jerk-

I scream out my anger.

"Water?" Someone reaches out a hand with the bottle.

I'm fine. I can barely talk.

"Are you the director's son?"

"You can call me like that too. I am Davis, but call me Dave. Why are you here, by the way?" He raised his eyebrows.

I don't know... I will go back inside in a minute. Why did you come out?

"For fresh air! He sits next to me.

I stand up.

Get your fresh air I am going inside. I turn around.

"Wait!" He takes my wrist.

"Can you give me company?" He looks at me with puppy eyes. I take a deep breath.

Ugh... how can I say no when you're looking at me like this?

"So you think that I am handsome?"

I will go then

"No, stay here. I was kidding you."

Aiden's pov:

Was I too harsh to her? Do I have to say sorry for it?

I walk out to see if she is there.

What? She has a romantic moment with some dude, after making drama and embarrassing me in public?! Why is he holding her wrist?

No... I must be crazy thinking about her. Come to sense, Aiden.

I slap myself on the head and walk back inside.


"Everyone, find your new buddy. I put name tags on every table and don't come to me with complaints." Says the teacher while everyone is running around from excitement.

I walk around to see my name tag.

When I walk to the back of the class, I find my name tag beside another student called


I take a seat and rest my head on the desk.

"This must be a joke, right?" I look up and see the girl from earlier. She crisscrossed her arms and looks pissed off at me.

So her name is Luna?

"Teacher, I think you made a mistake. You put my name on the wrong table." She walks towards the teacher.

"No, Luna, I did it on purpose. Aiden is our best student and you are dropping your grades lower every time. I want Aiden to help you this year get your grades up." He is looking at me.

"But-" she tries to change his mind, but he insists.

"SIT DOWN, LUNA END OF DISCUSSION." He yells... the whole class sits fast in quietness."I put you guys with someone else than normal because I want everyone to have good grades this year. We are in your graduate year. You guys know it is important for all one of you."

He has a good point.

I look beside myself and see that Luna is not listening to the teacher.

Is this year not important for her? She keeps drawing something in her book.

Do you hear what he's saying? I look at her.

"Is it your business?" She says wildly.

"Luna, why are you talking during my important talk? YOU HAVE DETENTION TODAY!" The teacher is mad at her.


"Talk one more time... I will make it two days for you!"

She looks at me with a serious face.

I really couldn't hold in and laugh.

Hah hah...

"Aiden, you too. You both have detention today." That's when I stopped laughing.

That's not funny.

Luna's pov:

I do not have any time for this stupid detention. It's not my fault that this rat next to me had to talk to me.

I don't even know what I saw in him. He is annoying as hell.

Maybe I can convince the teacher to let me go to work.

When the class ended, he told everyone to go except for Aiden and me.

walk over to his table.

"Sir, I can't stay. I need to go to work."

"Call them up and tell them that you have detention from school. Do you want me to do it for you?" He replies.

"It is soo humiliating, sir." I walk back to my table.

"Can I at least sit in a different place?" I ask again.

"No, ask Aiden for help with your studies. I am going out to the office. You two behave yourselves!" He walks out.

"It is humiliating me," I mumble.

"You can tell me that I am a jerk right in my face instead of drawing me. Does this look at me?"

He has my notebook drawing open and holds it next to his face.

"Don't you have any manners? How can you touch other people's belongings without permission? Give it back to me, now!"

I reach out my hand so that he gives it back.

"Okay, you take it back when you get it out of my hand." He keeps my book high in the air.

Is he now teasing me?

You know what? Have it... I don't need it anymore.

I look the other way and scratch my head.

"Are sure about...-

I stood up and dived into him to reach for the book, but halfway I fell on him. He grabbed me by the waist and couldn't hold the balance, which made us fall on the ground with me on top of his lips.

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