7 Goodbye

Luna's pov:

He looked at me with furious eyes. Even when he is mad, he's attractive. Hearing those words makes my heart beat faster.

Am I falling for him again?

"What the hell do you think you are doing? You're hurting her!" Unexpectedly David comes into the store.

"Dave? What are you doing here? Wait...how do you even know that I am working here?"

"I know everything," he stares at Aiden, that's still holding my wrist.

"Why are you still holding her?" He looks at us one more time and then pulls my other hand. I turn my head from side to side while they are glaring at each other.

"You both let go of my body." They look like a statue...no movement.

"BOYS!" I break my arms free from them in irritation.

"I don't want you guys to fight in this store, go outside. Don't make my day worse than it is."

After some time, they left the store in silence and that's how my day ended.

*next morning

"And then they were both staring at each other. That annoying me" I retell my story to Mia.

"I think there's something fishy going on with those two. Especially Aiden, he likes to care about you these days. He even got suspended yesterday from school" she shakes her head in disappointment.


"He fought with some other dude called Sebastian and his crew. He's a decent friend of Jimmy. Boys are a headache, but my boyfriend isn't" she sticks her tongue out.

"What? How do I not know about who you're talking about?"

This brings me to the reality of this world.

"We met yesterday and he's such a sweetheart. I can let you meet him up if you're free from work." Her cheeks raise. She jumps up and down from happiness.

"I wish to be this lucky just like you. I have a hopeless life."

"Girl, don't say that your time will come. Don't forget that two boys fighting over you yesterday." We both burst into a laugh.

"Whose side are you on?"


"Okay students, I have sad news for some of you. One of the students is going to leave our school. Come inside, Beth." The teacher opens the door for her.

"Hi, guys."

"Uhm- I

can see that she's struggling with breathing.

"I am truly sorry to tell you guys this late. The saddest thing is that I will leave my two purely friends behind. I wish I could have said this earlier, but the decision is made by my parents." She adds, shaking her hands in nervousness.

My vision becomes blurry, and tears fall on my cheeks. I walk towards her and give Beth a tight hug.

"You did great, girl," I whisper in her ear.

"I am going to miss you guys."

"I think Beth wants to say one more thing to all of you...go one tell them." My teacher looks more excited than everyone.

"I am going to throw a party at my house tomorrow. You guys are all invited. Take a friend with you, but no drinks are allowed." She sights in disappointment.

The whole stared tapping on the tables and yelled her name of happiness.

"Luna, I am going to take you out," Davis screamed loud enough to give attention to me. I slowly put my head on the table from embarrassment

Everyone paused for a while. Then one of the girls came shy towards my table. They call her 'the beauty of the class'. She clears her throat and says.

"Uhm...Aiden. Do you want to go to the party with me?" She's exaggerating so much. I sigh and roll my eyes at her.

I can't stand her. Rose always looks down on me and my friends. Especially when she heard that I was going to sit with Aiden, she talked to me. Saying that he's hers, not mine like I like this jerk.

"I am not going." He replied to her.

"Who wants to go with a nerd like him?" I murmur in myself, pretending like I was reading a book and not listening to their conversation.

"Do you have something to say to me?" He looked dry at me.

"I need to talk to you. Wait for me after your lessons." He added.

"No, I pass," I replied to him. Rose walked irritated back to her seat.

"By the way, you have your book upside down...next time, act better." He takes his books out. I hit my head on the table. Why me? I'm ashamed of myself.


After my last period was over, I headed out fast. I need to go out of this building before Aiden sees me.

"Luna, wait. Where are you rushing to?" Mia comes after me trying to catch her breath

"I don't have time today. See you...I mean, I will text you." I run as fast as I could to get my books.

"Ah, sorry. Again sorry" I bounce into other students trying to make my way out. The hall is so packed because all the classes have finished.

Aiden's pov:

As soon as my lessons ended, I went to look for luna. She better be listening to my story this time.

"Bro, what's going on with you these days? Last weekend, your father called me, and I had to lie, and you still didn't tell me anything." Joey is in my direction.

"I will explain to you next time. I need to go right now" I waved at him, walking away to look for Luna.

I wander around and find her finally by the lockers. She is soo clumps that all her books got dropped on the floor.

I reach out my hand to help her get her books. Unnoticed, she grabbed my hand instead of the books then looked up in a panic.

"Ew...what are you doing?!" She shakes her head. She thought she could escape from me this easily.

"I can ask you the same thing. You're the one holding my hand right now." I pull up my eyebrows at her. She looks at my hand and then moves quickly in surprise, which made her fall on the floor.

"Hand?" I bend down for her and stretched out my hand to get her up.

"No! I don't need your help," she bitterly replied to me and walked away quickly after she picked up her books.

I followed her to see where she's going. After some following luna, I ended coming into a shattered and deserted street.

No people are walking around in her neighborhood area. She enters one of the buildings. After quite some time, she comes outside dressed up.

Is she going to see someone? Before I knew it, I lost her. I wonder where she's going.

Luna's pov:

I felt like someone was following me earlier. I headed home fast. I forget to do the laundry earlier, I don't have anything to wear except my dresses.

I just pick one, take some food to ear at work and go outside. When I came outside, I saw Aiden waiting in front of my house. How does he know where I live?

Now I get it, he was the one who was following me. I look elsewhere, acting like I didn't see him, and walk.

I speeded up a little faster so that he doesn't see me.

I succeeded to come to work unseen by him.

Minutes later, a boy appears in front of me. His height, bodybuilding, everything is perfect about him.

He looks like a fallen angel.

The boy looks confused around, his fingers through his hair and showing off his arm muscle.

"Do you buy any cakes here?" He asks softly.

"No, we don't sell any cakes. Do you need anything else?" I smile at him

"Oh, okay, maybe energy drinks?"

"Is it even possible to not gave any energy drinks in store?" We both laugh hard

"My name is Alex, nice to meet you."

"I'm Luna, nice to meet you too. Are you from here? I haven't seen you before."

"I move here today. A new start can be good sometimes. When you have time, you can show me around, right?"

"Yeah, sure" I give him a big smile yet not believing what he just asked me.

"What kind of drink do you like?" I walk to the fridge to give him his drink.

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"Any kind would be fine." My day passed just like that. I wish to have more boys coming to the store like him.


"Good morning, everyone!"

"Good morning, sir" everyone is too excited for Beth's party. I am feeling sad that she's leaving abroad also happy for her that she's studying abroad.

"Sir, why didn't you give us a free day?" Asked one of the boys in the class.

"You guys are going to the party in the evening. No complaining, please." He replied him

"But sir, I need to get my dress and make-up done. Can you at least let us free in the afternoon?" Rose asked sweetly, trying to act like the queen of the class.

"I can't promise you, but I will ask the director for early leave since it's an important day for some of you guys." He replied back

"Like you guys care about Beth! The only thing that you all are going to do is to have fun at her house while she's going abroad tomorrow. What a nasty loser." Said Mia hard enough for everyone to hear, and the whole class becomes silent.

She is right, they don't care about her.

"Anyways, I have a new student waiting outside. Welcome to your new class." He carelessly continues and opens the door.

"Please introduce yourself, student."

"Hi, I'm Alex. I am new here in this city." Said Alex, the one I met yesterday at the store.

"Hello, Luna," he waves his hand.

My mouths open.

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