My little thief Book

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My little thief


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Jenna Mills becomes a thief from an early age, not by choice but from necessity to support herself and care for her brother. Soon after he dies, she moves to her friend’s apartment with the motivation to gather enough money to last her for a couple of years and built a new life for herself. Going out with her friend in an attempt to find a victim, she meets Henry Strauss, a wealthy Cassanova which she tries to steal from after a partially successful manipulation plan. Little does she know that things won’t go as planned due to her lack of discretion and his high sense of perception and so, Henry catches Jenna right in the act. Afraid that she will go to jail and ruin her life even more, Jenna signs a deal with Henry to be his maid for one month until the moral debt is paid. Henry Strauss is an arrogant billionaire that disregards women and treats them as sexual objects until he meets Jenna Mills and becomes intrigued with the woman’s personality. Forcing her to choose between going to jail and working for him, Henry finds amusement in making her life a living hell during the contract period but slowly develops a fascinating obsession for the woman that stole his heart right from the beginning. Can Jenna stand up to Henry and honor the deal or will she break and try to run away? Will she be able to steal Henry’s heart or remain forever just a thief in his eyes?


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