187 When Did I Give Up On Something That I Want?

"I came to see you on the first day after you recovered from your injuries." Xian Zihao's voice rang out, but his eyes were as cold as spring water. He indifferently shifted his gaze and looked behind her.

Jiang Ruolan trembled in fear. She turned around and saw that Qin Gengxin had walked into her office some time ago and was standing behind her. He also didn't seem to have expected Xian Zihao to be here, and his face darkened.

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The corner of Jiang Ruolan's mouth twitched as she turned her head back to look at Xian Zihao's intriguing eyes, which were filled with a faint smile. Somehow, she felt a cold shiver run down her spine.

Upon seeing this, Xiong Ruogang, on the other hand, was extremely alert. She stood up and dragged her colleagues out, "Go, go, we're going to hold a department store meeting. Let's go to a small conference room."

When they saw Xiong Ruogang's expression, they hurriedly stood up and left with her.

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