1 Isn't this too cliche??

Where am I?? Who am I?

Why do I know what those novels, animes and manga are, but I don't know anything about me? this is strange I just remember that but there's nothing but darkness it won't be the typical cliche where I go to a world of anime at least that's my mind,

!! helloaaaaa there is anyone there ?? !!GOOOD!! there's no one or anything this is strange I'll be in the linmbo?? I'm dead I guess He, he. I think I'm going crazy

How long has it been, 40 years? 50 maybe? I'm starting to give up I think I'll check my memory and see that garou guy his martial arts are so good


''Hmm should go and see the limbo to see if there's any soul 20 minutes later?hmm there's a soul there looks like it's breaking hmm let's see your memories?!! Oh wow this guy is interesting He,I think I'll do that typical cliche see novels


I feel like my soul is breaking little by little but all of a sudden I don't feel it, it's a little strange but I JUST COME OUT OF THE DARKNESS SIIIIIIIII OH GOD I ALMOST BECOME CRAZY very calm you this where I am, am I in a white room?with a chair and a table this is strange, haora what I think this is where God mates and gives me three wishes or this was in thoseweird novels,

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???:hello mortal you'll probably wonder who I am, won't you?

you're a god, right?

good:If I'm a god and I'm here to let you reincarnate with three wishes, do you accept?

what's the trick?? or did you kill me because of acidity like in the cliche novels?

good:oh no cheating boy basically I'm bored of just having paperwork so basically your good friend you're going to be like a movie for me I'll always see you,!! oh by the way desires can be made as long as you can clear don't choose, I want to be omnipotent or something hasi

ok okay I understand that then give me time to think my wishes, hmm can I renaser wherever I want?

good:If you can go into the world you want I'll even be generous and give you the appensence of whoever you want and their martial arts, you're not going to be very op serious clear powers and it wouldn't be fun

Ok thank you, first I want the approval of garou I will also have your martial arts, my 1 desire is to get a multiversal system but do not oblique me to haveer missions,the second desire is to get the rinne-sharingan with sasuke and madara skills, my third wish is to have the bjuu chackra of nine tails

good:it's okay we may not see of new boy,[he said smiling while doing a portal behind him]