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My Life Support


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What is it that keeps you alive? What is it that wakes you up in the morning? Why do you get out of bed? Existential question’s that only a few can answer in the length of a breath. ----------------------------------------------- It has been 200 years since the greatest change in society. A change from education inside classrooms into virtual reality. It is now a transition to a world where anyone can learn anything, and obtain any skill that would usually cost you more than an electric bill. A pair of childhood friends; Sai Sherman And Izen Miray, both scholarly adulting individuals are about to venture into the new world through a game called CELESTIAL. They try their best to prepare to survive the challenges that the world will bring, adventuring in the virtual reality world they search their calling, cultivate their talents, and meet people good and bad along the way. What changes will this life of searching bring these two hatchlings that yearn to fly out of their nest’s, and longing to see the world beyond? How will these two answer these questions of life? When will they truly be prepared? What keeps them living? Join them in their search for the meaning of life... ----------------------------------------------- How about you? Have you asked yourself: What is “My Life Support?”


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