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I was working in the gut of London doing all my chores as quickly as I could, but even though some else would mess up at the speed I'm going I don't, well I used to but I got used to the speed.

???: "Leon we're done for today and you finished the same amount of work for the entire day as we would do within a week without you."

Leon: "Thanks chief just doing what I was told to do."

(construction)Con. Chief: "Well Leon you've worked so hard to better London we had to expand just because of the influx of resources coming in from the gut. So Valentine ya know the guy in charge of London wants you to go to him now."

Leon: "Wait.. did you say now!?"

Con. Chief: "Yeah he even granted you this."


He held out a rag. Inside was a hand made platinum medal with London's crest on it.

Leon: "*gasp* This medal is for only the best of the best!"

Con. chief: "Yeah and he has seen your work even redesigning London with legs instead of tracks."

Leon: "Well I'd best be going to see Valentine."

Con.chief: "Well take your medal first."

I picked up the medal it had a nice weight to it

I said bye and ran off to see Valentine.

-time skip-

Guard: "Halt this is a restricted area you'll need proper clearance before you can come in."

Leon: "Hmm would this count as proper clearance." I replied as I pulled out the medal Valentine gave me. He was shocked to see it

Guard: "I'm sorry for holding you up sir!"

Leon: "It's alright I expected that." I walked up to the door to the room with Valentine. I hesitated for a bit then I opened the door.

???: "Welcome Leon I've been expecting you."

Leon: "It's a pleasure to be here sir Thaddeus Valentine." I announced and kneeled to him

Valentine: "Raise your head Leon I gave you that medal you are on equal terms with me, heck I should be kneeling to you."

I stood up and shook his hand and despite not doing any hard labor his hands were rough like mine

Leon: "Well aside from the medal why did you call me up here?"

Valentine: "Well my daughter has taken interest in you." I stood there like a stone

???: "Dad is he here yet?"

I turned and looked at Valentine's daughter.

Valentine: "this is my daughter Katherine."

Katherine: "please call me Kathy."

I stuttered with my speech as Katherine looked at me with loving eyes

Valentine: "she wishes to marry you." I was so shocked at this I just couldn't say anything my brain had turned to mush and I blacked out

-time skip because Leon blacked out-

I woke up to a pain on the back of my head I thought that I fell backwards after blacking out I opened my eyes and I was in my room at my house within a quiet place of the gut, even when it's hustling and bustling I got out of my bed and walked into my living room, now I lived with my sister but she was at school when I came to. I saw Valentine sitting on my couch and in the chair next to him facing the coffee table was Kathy. At the front door were two guards.

Valentine: "So you finally came to. Also it seems that for you calling me by my name each time is quite tired so just call me Val."

Leon: "So Val you said that Kathy wanted to marry me right?"

Val: "Yes she does."

Kathy: "Leon if there is any thing wrong just tell me okay?"

Leon: "o-o-okay."

Val: "Leon something seems to be troubling you what is it."

Leon: "Well it's just Kathy wanting to marry all of a sudden so I'm thinking what will my sister think of it. Also what time is it?"

Val checks his Watch "almost 3:30."

Leon: "on no... my sister could come through the front door any second now!" Just as I said that the front door opened Celei walked through

Celei: "Leon why are there all these people here?" She asked getting more demonic as she continued

Leon: "Celei there is an explanation for all of this!" I worryingly told her

Val: "Celei Magic, sister to Leon magic, do you know how I am

Celei: "your Valentine. *to Leon* Leon why is Valentine in our house!"

Leon: "it's long story but I can explain. See Valentine is here because he invited me to his throne room.(for lack of the actual name for it.) Here's the complicated part: Katherine or Kathy*as she wishes for me to call her that*made me a medal which I didn't recognize at first and just now remembering that we studied the propositional practices of the valentine family. Female heirs forge medals for their husbands so Kathy wants to marry me. Then I blacked out when Kathy came in and fell like a stone and they brought me back so that's why they're in our house."

Kathy: "I hope we get along just fine."

Then there was silence

Val: "Leon?"

Leon: "yes?"

Val: "I saw your design for a legged London and saw that creativity lies within you so I grant you this." He claps twice and a guard brings me an envelope I open the wax seal on it. I unfold the paper inside and go over it. It was permission to build my own traction town and/or airship and do whatever I please with them.

Leon: "Well thank you Val for this I believe we are even now." Val laughs at my comment

Val: "I would say so but I owe you till my daughter says we're even." Kathy gives a cute smile

Kathy: "We'll provide with materials you just get building." I say thanks and Val and the guards leave but Kathy stays

Leon: "Kathy aren't going to go with your dad?"

Kathy: "No I'll be staying with you. My fiancé."

Leon: "But we don't have an extra bed for you... *thinks* I got it. I replaced my normal bed for an adjustable hammock bed so if I can get that together you could sleep in it, but for now you can sleep in my hammock while I'll sleep on the couch. Dont worry I sleep on it whenever Celei's or my bed breaks."

Kathy: "Thanks Leon!"

The next day

I wake up at five thirty every work morning and the maw opens at 8 o clock or in 2 and a half hours. I take a shower and then make breakfast for both of them and myself as well as a lunch for Celei then I go to wake them up I'll start with Kathy because it was six thirty and I would wake Celei at six, thirty five because she gets cranky.

Leon: "Kathy time to wake up." I whispered as I shook her gently she stirs with a grunting sound

Kathy: "morning Leon *yawn*." I chuckled at this

Leon: "good morning sleeping beauty. Breakfast is ready, hope you like pancakes." I entered Celei's room and gently shook her awake, but she tried to smack me like an alarm clock but I escaped unharmed.

Celei: "*yawn* morning Leon. Is breakfast ready?"

Leon: "you know it."

Time skip to eight

Con. chief: " I heard what happened, we're sad to see you leave but hopefully we'll make do without you."

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Val: "To the contrary because Leon was working so well all of the storage for resources are all full including fuel. So chief I say you and the entire gut team should work with Leon."

Con. Chief: "yes sir. *To Leon* so Leon lay out the blue prints and let's get to work."

Leon: "sure thing chief."

Con. Chief: "actually this is your project so your the chief *chief* I'm just managing the work force."

Leon: "Alright let's get to building my new home."

I lay out the blueprints and after all the scaffolding is set up. My sister walks up to me and taps my shoulder

Leon: "Oh hey Celei what do you need."

Celei: "Leon I want to help."

Leon: "well could you bring a table or two and set up a water table?" She walks off and 10 minutes later her, Kathy and her friends help keep me and the maw crew hydrated

-Time skip-

Leon: "Well it's done well now I move in and fire up the engines to see if the legs work so I'm going to tell the girls

I walked off to tell them

Leon: "girls I've got something to say."

Celei and Kathy: "what is it?"

Leon: "we're moving."

Celei: "but Leon all my school friends are here."

Leon: "don't worry we can come back any time and I've been working on a two communication system from the old tech."

Celei: "what is it?"

Leon: "a hand held phone similar to one of those eye-pods but bigger. Your friends actually helped me with this by giving me some old tech to work with. They got the first prototypes and now this I call it the eye-phone it's supposed to be more useful. and it has a battery life of around 16 hours-ish. And I've connected this with two other models your friends have."

Later after they've packed and loaded up

Leon: "alright let's see if she'll run." The engines roar to life and the legs start walking slowly but steadily picking up speed. I put in coordinates in and flick on the auto pilot and it works, I have the case open I case something happened and the autopilot stops working and since it's water cooled if the water stays cool the autopilot should work fine I turn and wave good bye to all my work mates I left behind but the con. Chief and his best workers left with me.

Time skip to the top of the nearest mountain

Leon: "well that was a bumpy ride."

Celei: "Leon why a mountain?"

Leon: "well a traction city can't climb a mountain but legs can."

Celei: " what are we going to do about food?"

Leon: " well this walker is capable of mining ore and drilling for oil. So we can sell that and Val left us with a large amount of gold so we good for awhile." I walk into my airship

Celei: "you didn't pack any food did you."

Leon: "what do you mean we have plenty of food." I say while putting in coordinates for the nearest trading cluster in my airship

Celei: "then why are you taking the money Val gave us."

Leon: "because I don't want anyone pinching from it." I leave but little did I know the girls stowed away on board.

Time skip

Leon: "Alright time to see if any food is for sale."

Celei: "I knew it he was lying. Kathy? How good is your pickpocketing."

Kathy: "very good. I used to pickpocket unsuspecting guards and then I used to pickpocket my dad."

Celei: "well let's go around and see what we want and then come back with a price amount. Got it?"

Kathy: "got it.

Later they add expenses and it was just a small amount

Kathy: "pick pocketing time." Unfortunately for me she was successful in getting all they needed and they grouped up after the got what they wanted.

Celei: "what'd you get." Kathy blushed a bright red

Kathy: "u-u-u-um this." She pulls out a chocker collar and a leash.

Celei: "don't you dare put that on him." Celei threatened

Kathy: "I-I-I-It's not for him." Celei's jaw dropped to the floor. Astonished, Celei changes the subject and tells Kathy what she bought

Celei: "I got a fancy jewel cut the way Leon wanted it cut to fit into the slot in Leon's Triple crescent necklace he used to wear rarely but now wears it every other day." She pulls out a small sapphire. They sneak back to the ship as they heard Leon finish shopping. They hide in a cargo container that he didn't fill with food

Time skip back to home

Leon: "girls I'm home." Celei and Kathy snuck off before him as he did one final inventory check to see he got everything. Kathy hanging in Celei's room

Kathy: "do you think I should wear it to him or present it to him?" She blurted our while blushing as red as a tomato.

Celei: "why are you asking me?!"

Kathy: "you've lived with him you should know if he has a k-k-kinky side!"

Celei: "*sigh* your right he does but he never told me about it"

Kathy: "hmm well should I present or wear it?"

Celei: "you do you I wouldn't even be in that situation." Kathy chose to do both she walked into Leon's room blushing tomato red holding the leash in her hand the choker around her neck with the leash clipped to it.

Kathy: "L-L-Leon?"

Leon: "ye—Kathy what are you wearing?!"

Kathy: "Celei said that you had a thing for things like this. So here." She held out the leash it was quite long but I could replace it with a chain. I grabbed it and took in a breath

Leon: "*inhales* sit." Kathy sits down on all fours.

"Lay." I drag my finger across the floor and Kathy lays down. "sit." Kathy gets back into sitting position. "Paw." Kathy puts her hand in mine. I rub her head "good girl." I take off her leash but leave her collar on. Kathy walks out of the room blushing redder than a tomato.

Kathy: "oh my god I can't believe I just did that!"

Celei: "did what?"

Kathy: "he told me some commands and followed through with them."

Leon: "I'm going to check on the engine." I said as I walk out of my room and leave the house to check the engines

To Celei and Kathy

Kathy: "I can't believe he hung the leash near the front door." She was so freaked out she went to take a cold shower.

Celei: "hmm I'd react the same way if I was a repressed bro-con."

To Leon

Leon: "the engine looks fine." I did a few more tests and the engine was fine but when I looked at the performance it was slightly lower by one small stowaway I went back and told the girls and the chief who would pass it on to the workers who went with me."

Leon: "we gotta find them I will tolerate no stowaways!"


???: "I hope they don't find me."

Leon: "you sure about that?" She turned and I saw the look of pure fear in her eyes. I introduced myself and asked her for her name

???: "I-it's Katie."

Leon: "Katie could you please come out I won't hurt you."

Katie: "okay." She crawled out and said hello

Leon: "why did you stow away?"

Katie: "my mom said for me to do so, we weren't in the best place so she told me to stay here because she said that I'd be less hungry and look prettier."

Celei: "Leon did you pack my clothes for when I was her size?"

Leon: "yes I did." She walked off and in five minute she came back with clean clothes and held out her hand for Katie to hold they walked off . they came back half an hour later and Katie looked cleaner. her skin was still dirty but at least she was wearing clean clothes

Leon: "well time for you to get cleaned up. Celei?"

Celei: "sure I'll clean her up

Time skip

Leon: "there we go you look cleaner than ever."

Katie: "thank you!" After she said that her tummy grumbles."

Leon: "well it looks like it's dinner time. Celei if you would please."

Celei: "sure Leon. I'll cook something filling."

Later after dinner

Kathy: "wow Celei I didn't know you were a good cook."

Celei: "learned from our mother and my brother."

Leon: "thanks Celei."

Katie: "I feel so full."

Leon: "aw dang it where's Katie gonna sleep."

Celei: "She can sleep in my room I have an extra mattress."

Leon: "Thanks Celei."

The next morning

We all heard a thud I ran to check and we saw a smaller city using an artillery cannon

Leon: "chief let's get this this ready for battle!"

Con. chief: "yeah cause if they wanna fight we'll gone em a fight." The computer entered combat mode and the performance of the engine skyrocketed but efficiency plummeted. We charged the small city it tried to flee by turning around but grappling hooks fired from our walker and pulled it closer to our gut

Leon: "Stop." The grappling hooks stoped reeling in and we boarded them just to rip off our grappling hooks

Con. chief: "hope you learned you lesson!"

Leon: "let's get the artillery working so that doesn't happen again."

Con. chief: "yeah let's." We got the artillery running the targeting computer for it is very powerful but just for processing large amounts of data. so it can hit a moving target

Celei, Kathy and Katie: "Leon!!!"

Leon: "what?"

Celei: "what did you do."

Kathy: "we all woke up falling out of bed."

Katie: "and that hurts."

Leon: "a smaller traction city was trying to attack us."

Girls: "Oh."

Leon: "we left it off with a warning. alright lets get back to sleep.

And so we all went back to our rooms and slept the night away.