1 In my Dreams

It's hot. How odd, if I could remember clearly I left the air conditioner on, and is in its lowest temperature? Oh well forget it, now I have to stand up— huh?

As she opened her eyes, an unfamiliar place welcomes the lady.

Where is this place?

She blinked rapidly as she cannot comprehend where she is. And as to how she get there.

But hey, the window is kinda cool thou, looks like a korean or chinese, japanese style. I like it thou. It is quite minimalist? But really, did I perhaps?

"Oh no." She gasped in disbelief. "Did I got, kidnapped?!" Then her eyes widened as she roamed around the room.

I'll be a dead meat if I don't get out of here.

"Noooooo!! I have no money! I'm so poor. No! Not to extent, I suppose— but dude! I am broke! Oh sheesh. What do I do?" Then she ruffled her hair out of confusion and sighs out of it. A deep and heavy sigh.


Ah! The door opened! Wait was it even locked before? I should have tried to open it earlier.

"Imperial princess! Concubine Kwon Ji Hoon is here to serve you tonight." Just as the man's voice fade away, a beautiful guy went in.

Daaaaang! Look at those piercing blue eyes. He also has long blonde-like hair. I bet a professional dyed his hair, whew how awesome. He has a not so manly built, and is wearing a traditional korean dress? Huh? What is with this guy?

"Tonight, her imperial princess must own me.

I— concubine Kwon Ji Hoon, is pledging my loyalty to the second princess..." what the fuck.. what kind of stupidity is he spouting? "...for this concubine's life, within 19 years remained pure. I again dare to say, that the imperial princess must own me tonight—"

"No!" she interrupted abruptly.

Just what the heck are you talking about?

"I-I... I ahh. I apologize princess! Please spare this lowly concubine's life! I deeply apologize!" He bowed and apologized out of his life.

Why? Am I being pranked? If I remember correctly I'm supposed to be at Dianne's apartment because it is summer break. Another thing is that I was supposed to celebrate my birthday at her place. Why are they doing this stuff? Haha. Maybe I'll just play along. Game! Bring it on!

"What good will it bring me if I am to accept your apology?" Okay aaaand let's finish the sentence with a seductive smirk!

"..." no response? Did I perhaps look stupid?

"Did you hear me? Are you deaf?" She asked once again.

"No, princess! I apologize! I dare not say a word again! All I want is to serve the second imperial princess! Please, forgive me!"

Oh hoho?

"Then die." Yes girl. Piss off, I am not having fun anymore. It's annoying already." Cut the chase and just die. I don't need you anymore. Go away!" She irritatedly said. But then, Kwon Ji Hoon's eyes widened as his face gotten pale and blanked.

Is he okay? Or perhaps I was being so mean?

"Hey, look—"

Heavy footsteps was heard incoming.

All of a sudden there is this armored man that was standing beside the poor and scared eunuch holding out a shinning light grey sword. In a blink of an eye, a blood is dripping from that sword. Next thing that has happened was that the concubine's head is now rolling on the floor. His blood in the deep shade of red that is now scattered all over the place, as some of it was on was splattered to the lady's face. It's Kwon Ji Hoon's blood.

He's beheaded? He is beheaded?! In front of me?! Why? I, I feel cold. I feel dizzy. What is this? I'm scarred. What the hell did I do? What the fuck did just happened? How did I ended up here? Oh shit I am so screwed. Dang it, my eyes is in blurry.

This is not good. I-I... I feel cold. I can't move.

I'm scared. I'm so scared. But with whom?

Am I scared because of the dead body?

Am I scared because of the armored warrior?

Am I scared because of this unusual turn of events?

Or am I scared of myself? I just don't know anymore.

"Imperial princess!No wife, princess!.....wake up!" Ah, what is with all of the rucus? It's so noisy.

But that voice. Why does it sound so comforting? It feels warm to my ears, yet felt like a thorn in my heart. Who is this man holding me? I feel relaxed. Thou he is so loud too, just like the others. Even so, I would prefer that I can hear them shouting from atop of their lungs, than realizing that their voice is somehow starting to seem so distant just like right now. It is even more frustrating.

My head hurts. My heart hurts. I-I can't breath.

As thoughts muddled in the lady's mind, her chamber turned into a total chaos. But there is this man that remained composed. He is just standing over the door. He is wearing a, rather in a shade of dark green hanbok and also has a green Gat. A plain dark green Gat. He was seen by the lady. Thou she may not be able to see his face at all, but the lady can surely tell that, this guy standing in front of her is up to no good.

Maybe just maybe, I am being punished in my dreams

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