1 First joke

The first joke of my life begun with my birth. Simply I will call it as an happy birthday day(happy birthday to me ):(. I was born in a village which is not really for everyone. But for me it is. It is a small world with big hearted people. I only think of playing. There will be a limit to play and enjoy, but it has gone over limits and it has gone this way. I used to like fire(match box and match stick ) because we can burn anything with it and used to carry match box in my pocket to burn dry grass ( rice dry grass ). One fine morning I woke up and got j grass rice straw it was dam big they have kept it for animal food. I have taken matchbox from my pocket, then my cousin

"What are u going to do with that" I said " I want to spread this flame into a fire". Cousin with a shock or excitement opens her eyes wildly. Cousin " is this a joke " let's fire a small amount of grass, don't go for the bigger one. Me "ok let us fire for small amount of grass as u said" . Then we took some dry grass from the strew and and we fired. The grass stated burning and I was happy as I have created the fire. We both are smiling at each other by seeing fire slowly the started spreading everywhere with in seconds and we both after seeing that fire got frightened and we both ran away form that place. After a few min the villagers people has got to know there was a huge fire. Everyone was wondering why and who made this thing happen. The situation gone serious. And we both are ran away from the village. For the first time I expected the fear after that I've thrown the match box and I never touched after. After that our family members they have started searching for us both and both have a fear what if we they find us. After whole day of hiding in evening we went home with a fear. We reached and we expected that they will scold us but I never expected it was normal after all that. My heart and mind became normal and got ready for dinner as usual.

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We do some things for joke but it becomes out it. After this my second joke of my life started..