50 I’m so done with TikTok

(Y'all know how on TikTok people going back and forth with each other about Sexism, Feminism, Racism, Pronouns, etc. It's starting to get annoying, **** happens to both genders so does sexual assault and everything in between. The world runs on a double standard that people just can't accept. I got on TikTok to laugh and shit now I can't go nowhere without seeing some shit about females degrading males and talking about statistics and shit. They need to keep that shit on Twitter and go back to making actual content. That's all, I just needed to vent.)

Waking up I soft took Alice off me and got out of bed. We were in a hotel so there's room service for breakfast or we can just go out to eat, so I just went and did my hygiene.

"Maybe I should cut my hair." I muttered as I looked in the mirror. I pulled my hair from the sides and looked at it.

"No" I heard Alice say as she stood in the doorway of the bathroom. She walked over and started rubbing my head and playing with my hair till I turned around.

"What should we do today? You wanted to go to time square, but that could be a night event." I said.

"How about we go to a cafe. I saw one that said Dave's Cafe on it. The food smelt so good there." She said as she closed her eyes and took a deep breath.

"You can't smell it idiot."

"I know retard."

"So you just want to try out food today and go to time square tonight?" I asked.

"Yeah. I also wanted to go shopping here." She said as she started brushing her teeth.

"I actually got something to do around that time." I walked out the bathroom to make sure she can't hit me with anything in there. Even though it doesn't hurt it's annoying and a little ticklish.

She paused from brushing her teeth and glared at me. I started looking through my bag to not look at her, but all I heard was 'mhm' and more brushing.

A few minutes later she was came out the bathroom and sat on the bed.

"Who said you had an option?"

"Excuse me."

"Who said you could choose weather you go or not?"

I looked at her in confusion the raised my eyebrows in realization.

"You mean about going shopping?" I asked.

"Yeah, you're going weather you got something to do or not."

"What if that something is important?"

"We just got here yesterday what's important?"


I came to terms that I had to go shopping with her, but I could make this fun somehow.


Walking down the street to the cafe, even I found myself drooling a bit when we came in range of Dave's Cafe. The smell was absolutely dominating my nose. Alice looked over at me and smirked seeing me drool.

I clicked my tongue and grabbed we hand.

"Let's go." I pulled her with me into the cafe and when we got there the smell slammed into my nose. The atmosphere in here is like a place to just hang out with friends or make new friends.

People were loud, but cheerful and some of the older people even waved at us. We waved, back and went to our seat. We sat in a booth table and Alice was on the opposite side of me.

"This place is really popular it seems. I'm getting hungry just by being here." Alice said as she looked off into the kitchen.

"Maybe I should try to buy this place." I thought as I looked around. I felt a stare on me and I looked at Alice.

"Really?" She said in a plain voice as she had a blank expression on her face.

"I was just kidding." I said as she looked to my right. She gained a confused look as she tapped my hand. Coming out of the door from the kitchen was a boy with perfectly clear skin. He had light brown messy hair, but the crazy part about it is his Yellow eyes that seemed to glow.

His facial expression was stoic, but if you focus on his eyes, one could see he was trying to learn something.

He looked about fourteen with a height of 5'5. I looked at him and scanned over him looking to find anything supernatural. I couldn't find anything while looking outwardly, so I put some energy in my eyes and he had no signs of energy on him or in him.

He was just an extremely handsome looking kid. I looked back at Alice and gave her a slight head shake and she looked relieved. It wouldn't make since at this point if someone ruined our vacation.

"My name is Eren and I'll be your waiter. Are you ready to order?" His voice was smooth, but plain. It sounded like he liked his job, but didn't at the same time.

I looked at the menu that was on the table and decided I'd get some Alfredo and garlic bread with a milk shake and fries. He nodded and looked at Alice and for the first time today I saw a kid who didn't look like he'd want to just touch her.

He was just patiently waiting for her to find what she wanted.

At this point I was fascinated. Why was he so different. If he was so normal, shouldn't he be like a hormonal freaky kid. I didn't dwell on it much when Alice ordered her food and just decided to leave him a "small" tip.

"The wait time will be about an hour." He said and walked back into the kitchen.

"What did you order?" I asked as I looked at Alice.

"A small buffet." She said with a shy smile. I sighed as I looked at her.

"That kid though. Did you find anything strange about him. He just seems like such an anomaly." Alice said as she leaned in closer to me.

"Yeah, he seems to normal to be real, but then again he could be one of those kuudere people." I said and hunched my shoulders.

"You're still going shopping after this right?"

"Yeah. I want to have as much fun as possible. We still don't know what the calamity is and we don't know all the factors in it. I say until we get bored let's have fun." She said with a smile.

"Same old same old." I said with a sigh.

"What's that supposed to mean?"

"It means I love you." I said and kissed the back of her hand.


<One hour later>

Our food came out on three trades. The one who came out with them was the kid and he had one in his left and right hands while the other balanced perfectly on his head.

Alice started clapping and he said a small thank you as he put the food on the table. Alice had a large pizza, a burger and fries with some party wings. She also had some garlic bread and a Caesar salad. For her drink she had a sprite.

The fact that all of this was balanced on his head and in one hand astonished me.

"I thought you said a small buffet." I said.

"You can just have some fries then. I was planning on sharing, but not anymore." She said looking off at the counter up front.

I had took half of her pizza though and started eating. She turned her head back and with the cutest look of confusion she looked at the four slices of pizza I took and back at me.

"Your food will get cold hurry up and eat." I said as I took some fries and eat them.

(Guess who's back... Back again....Guess who's back, guess who's back, guess who's back, back again.)

(I think I'll have Alice start to look like her older self. What do you think? This is what I mean if you don't know.)