59 Ghost's regrets and Hidden Quest

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Finding himself faced with such a weird event, Yuki was surprisingly calm, probably from all the shock of meeting all kinds of creatures beyond his imagination so far, and he himself was slowly transforming into something beyond human…

Meanwhile, although the demons were hateful creatures, they didn't let Yuki face such a dangerous creature on his own and the only reason they left was slowly explained to Yuki.

"It seems your neighbors value you a lot… I wish my neighbors could have valued me the same way…" Said the ghost, surprising Yuki who was still mad at his neighbors for leaving him alone like that so he asked "What do you mean?"

"This mirror that devil created doesn't only allow me to communicate with you, it was also designed to restrict my movements if I show any evil intentions towards you" Said the ghost, and Yuki's mouth opened slightly as he muttered

"No wonder it appeared to have taken a lot from Hanzo to create it… it seems they still had a trace of humanity in their cold demonic hearts after all… Anyways, I know you are an accumulation of Yuki's regrets, can you tell me what they are so that I can help you solve them?"

The ghost kept staring at Yuki for a while and Yuki did the same until they both felt their spines tingling before the ghost said "First of all I want to ask, did I die because of you?" suddenly the temperature in the room started to get lower and lower to the point that Yuki felt like he was put in a freezer as the ghost stared at him eerily. Not to mention that being wet from that fucker Ashiya's holy water didn't help at all and he started shivering slightly, but the mirror suddenly started revolving like a vortex, and the cold slowly dissipated or was it absorbed by the mirror? Yuki didn't know.

With some cold sweat on his face, Yuki replied "No, I had nothing to do with that, If you still have your memories, you would realize that you died because of overdosing like an idio-"

Yuki didn't continue what he was about to say as the ghost glared at him so he said instead "Ahum, and you should be thankful to me because the only reason you can talk to me right now is because you absorbed the energy left behind from the being that transferred me to here"

The Ghost fell silent for a while and Yuki noticed that its dark hairy body turned a shade lighter after receiving this response 'It seems like I almost got myself a vengeful spirit…' thought Yuki while gulping slightly before the ghost spoke again with a sad look on its face "It seems like I really threw my life away"

'Why did it believe me so easily' thought Yuki curiously and as if sensing his thoughts, the ghost said "We are connected to each other, and I can sense if you are telling the truth or not, although I can't seem to be able to affect your mind"

'Fuck this thing can actually manipulate my mind if I'm not careful!! Good to know he can't, probably this is thanks to my heart of stone ability and I could also faintly sense that he's telling the truth, probably from the connection he's talking about' thought Yuki before he nodded at the ghost and said "So how can I help you then" and the ghost started listing all of its regrets before the mana used to form the mirror was completely consumed and the ghost vanished once more… Although Yuki knew that it was watching him and he didn't like the feeling at all… Imagine taking a shit and this thing is staring at you... I mean Japan is famous for perverts but this is just too much...

"Sigh, this is going to be troublesome, who would have expected that one of its regrets Is that it didn't steal enough from its previous neighbors before it got caught and scolded by the landlord, what a crazy ghost…. Speaking of stealing, I will make those demons regret leaving me alone in their room" muttered Yuki with an evil smile before he calmly stole a few things that could fit under his clothes before he left the room and he found the demons waiting for him with happy smiles on their ugly faces.

"Yuki-kun, is everything settled?" asked Ashiya with a wide smile that Yuki found weird but he didn't care about it since he was loaded with all the things he stole from them so he smiled back and said "Yes, it shouldn't be too hard to solve the problem, this ghost doesn't appear to be violent... Oh thanks for the help Hanzo"

"That's good, that's good, well see you tomorrow then" said Ashiya, before he went to their room still with a wide smile, and Yuki noticed the same look on Maou's and Hanzo's face as the latter simply nodded at him to accept his thanks and didn't ask for anything...

'Why are they walking like they are about to shit their pants?' thought Yuki while staring at his neighbors' weird way of walking before he entered his room and was immediately approached by the worried Emilia who started asking him if he was okay, and he started talking while retrieving 2 knives and a frying pan from various places along with some other things and explained "It's just a spirit with some regrets, I will help it solve them later"

Emilia stared at him with a weird look on her eyes as he kept taking things out of his ass making her completely forget what she was going to ask… but then Yuki's eyes landed on the dining table and his heart immediately ached 'where's my delicious expensive dinner' "Emi, what happened to our dinner?"

Emilia recovered from her shock and replied "Maou and the rest kept complaining about how hungry they felt after being scared by the ghost you brought them so I let them eat it…"

Yuki's face turned paler than when he saw the ghost before he remembered their weird smiles and the funny way they walked and begin scanning his room like a hawk and noticed many things were missing… Including the tea set he stole from them and he appeared as if he lost his life

"Yuki-kun, Yuki-kun, what's wrong, did that ghost come back" Emilia shook him slightly but Yuki didn't react at all. Meanwhile, Mashiro who was watching all of this suddenly asked since Yuki and Emilia kept whispering to each other so that she doesn't hear them "Yuki… what's wrong"

After a while, Yuki finally recovered and an evil twisted smile like never before appeared on his face startling the Hero and Mashiro "I'm fine, I'm fine, everything is fine" before he took out his phone and took a picture of himself to confirm something before he started typing on an empty note "I need your help, Yuki…"

His dear neighbors were going to regret their actions!


The next few days, all of his dear neighbors in room 201 had dark bags under their eyes, all because of the deal Yuki reached with the ghost that was following him and he paid back the demons for their despicable actions fully!

Something he was happy about as well is that Emilia and Mashiro got along well with each other and Emilia begin teaching her about some common sense since Yuki didn't have the time to bother with all of this which made them grow even closer...

Meanwhile, during these days, he made sure to visit the arena daily and he now has a 6 consecutive wins streak. At the same time, he visited his old apartment complex along with the ghost that couldn't be separated from him and allowed him to satisfy himself by stealing all kinds of things from his previous neighbors which made his color another shade lighter… although Yuki thought that the opposite should've happened but he didn't bother thinking about the ways of this weird world...

Something else that this spirit regretted was all the people that tricked him out of his money or directly stole it from him, and during these days, Yuki helped it as much as possible to get its revenge on them by asking for Silent's help… and after many events, The ghost's appearance eventually started to resemble Yuki's making him hate his life… Especially when demons kept mocking him about it...


After 5 days from discovering the ghost, Yuki finally completed all of its requests, yet it still didn't disappear so Yuki couldn't help but write on his phone "How come you are still here?" and soon after, the ghost begins typing

"Thank you for helping me fulfill my regrets, I actually can dissipate at this point, but after seeing how fun life was around you, I started to have a new desire, the desire to live again… I know this is asking for too much, but can you please help me get another chance in life? I will do anything for it"

Yuki fell silent since he knew this was a difficult task, so he asked "What can you offer me in exchange?"

The ghost fell silent for a while knowing it was making a deal with a devil before it wrote "I will work for you for the rest of my life, I'm sure you would love having someone do your biddings right?"

After the ghost said this, a notification suddenly appeared in front of Yuki that made him widen his eyes slightly

[Hidden Quest: A ghost's desire]

[Quest description: After spending time with you and the people around you and seeing how he was easily accepted despite his freakish nature, the ghost grew a new desire, the desire to live again, and he decided to approach you as he feels close to you thanks to your connection with him]

[Quest task: Create a body for the ghost to reside in and give him another chance in life]

[Quest reward: loyal servant]

[Quest punishment: None]

[Quest note: What a pitiful spirit, having to stoop so low to ask for your help….]

Originally, Yuki was ready to refuse such a request because he couldn't fully trust this ghost despite getting to know him the past few days, but now that he unlocked this quest and seeing its reward and punishment, he decided that it was worth the try.

'But hidden mission huh? this is a first' thought Yuki before he replied to the ghost "Fine, I agree, I will try and find a way to help you get a body, but you shouldn't get overexcited because those terrible demons might ask for a huge price…"

But the Ghost simply replied typing "Don't worry, I will definitely pay you back"

Yuki smirked slightly seeing that his final worry was gone before he approached his neighbors since they are the only ones he knew that could help him with such a crazy request


After knocking on their new door, Ashiya opened it and Yuki could see the heavy bags under his eyes bringing a delighted smile to his face as he said "Dear neighbor, how are you doing today"

Ashiya immediately put up his mental defenses as he felt that something was wrong with this smile. After all, it's the same smile he uses to trick people

"Yuki-kun, it's a displeasure to have you visit us like always" replied Ashiya with a warry look

"Oh don't be like that, I actually need your help to fix something that's all" said Yuki with a smile and Ashiya doubtfully asked "Really?"

Yuki quickly put his hand over his heart and said "I swear that's all" If only Ashiya could hear the ghost laughing at his own misfortune eerily from behind Yuki… *

"Fine come in" Said Ashiya reluctantly, and Yuki immediately entered to leave him no chance to back down…

After settling down, Yuki couldn't help but ask "Where did Hanzo go?"

"He went with hero Emilia to buy some groceries and protect her just in case" replied Ashiya and he noticed Yuki's face went pale instantly

"What's wrong?" asked Ashiya doubtfully but Yuki simply shook his head in regret and said "You will know when they come back, we are doomed Ashiya, DOOMED!"

'Doomed? Are we under attack? Should I warn my lord?' Ashiya's thoughts were all over the place but he decided to find out what this fiend wanted first since he felt like he might be trying to distract him from this "So what are you here for?"

"Oh, I just need your help to fix dear ghost-kun and get him a new body that's all, I'm sure you can do this right?" said Yuki and Ashiya immediately remembered their tough days because of that hateful ghost and said with a weird smile "I sure can, but I'm not sure you can pay for it, dear neighbor"

Yuki suddenly felt like his pockets were about to get attacked with a devastating blow bringing a helpless smile to his face as he tried to negotiate "Ashiya, brother… how about we…"

"Let's talk about this when my lord comes back" Ashiya immediately cut him off with a sick smile and promised that he would make this ghost in front of him and the one floating around them pay heavily!

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