54 Death fight with Rize

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There were two notifications dangling in front of Yuki's face bringing him one good news and one you are going to get fucked news.

[Quest: Save the hero (completed)]

[Insufficient mana to use Dimensional link for teleportation]




Yuki stared at the screen blankly and read the notification several times not knowing how to react, but a sharp and fast tentacle was heading towards his face leaving him no time to think or dodge so he quickly used [Quick step] to dodge it appearing right behind Rize and taking her by surprise as he directly planted his broken knife inside the back of her neck before kicking with all his force at the back of her knee and he felt like he broke it as Rize indeed stumbled slightly to the side. Don't underestimate his hardness!

He didn't wait to see the results of his actions however, and if he did, he would have noticed that Rize quickly retrieved the broken knife and her neck immediately started healing with a terrifying speed, and the same happened with her leg, and after some limping, she started running again after him.

'Damn it what's going on system, why can't I use my dimensional link? Didn't it consume nothing when I used it on Maou?' Yuki yelled inside his head since he didn't have any strength to yell out loud and put all of his focus on running, thankfully his body healed thanks to his vitality and [Guardian's orb] so his wounds weren't affecting him too much…

Still, the distance between him and Rize was only 300 meters and she was closing down on him very quickly as another notification appeared in front of him.

[Establishing the dimensional link doesn't consume any mana, but using its communication or teleportation abilities has a cost]

"WTF why didn't you tell me about this before?" asked Yuki in frustration, but the system simply replied with

[You didn't ask]

Gritting his teeth, Yuki didn't keep arguing with the system anymore because he knew that his chances of surviving this encounter were very slim if not impossible… and seeing Rize closing in on him, he couldn't help but let out a sigh and turn around.

'How much mana do I need before I could teleport?' Asked Yuki and a new notification appeared in front of him saying

[Analysing current distance between host and teleportation target...]

[Analysing complete. 300 mana required for the teleportation]

'This is 75% of my max mana, and right now, I at most have 1% of my mana, This is bad, the {Guardian's orb] recovery isn't enough, it seems like I've really messed up this time' Though Yuki with an eerie calmness while observing Rize rushing at him.

"You finally stopped running little rat" said Rize as she stopped in front of Yuki who had an eerie aura around him, a part of him that only a few people ever saw...

"Well, if I'm going to die, at least I will take you down with me" said Yuki with a cold tone devoid of any emotions.

"heh, wishful thinking is good, but this time you have no more tricks to use" said Rize with a smug smile.

"Don't worry, I died many deaths in my life… this is nothing to me" said Yuki, but Rize didn't understand what he meant so she attacked him and decided to get this over with as a terrifying battle to the death ensued with Yuki using everything he could, he even used mana to enforce his body with what little control he had… but in the end, he still came short. After all, he didn't have much mana to make a difference...

"huh …huh… huh" Yuki was barely standing as he breathed heavily with injuries covering his whole body from head to toe and his white hair turned into a blood-red color, but he still didn't fall down and kept looking coldly at Rize who couldn't understand how the kid in front of her was still standing despite his frail-looking body.

But both of them knew that Yuki had already reached his absolute limit and even went beyond it during this fight, now all he had waiting for him was death delivered by Rize Kagune.

However, just as Rize moved the tentacle to kill him, a boy with huge dark wings appeared in front of them and swatted the tentacle away with his hand, and stared at Rize emotionlessly.

Yuki stared at the small back of the boy in silence, and he also noticed that the boy was carrying the heavily injured and unconscious Emilia on his shoulder like a sack of potato and he heard him say "Leave or die"

Rize felt an unprecedented sense of danger coming from the boy in front of her and immediately turned around and fled.

The boy of course was Hanzo, who at this point turned to the injured Yuki and picked him up before teleporting them both to Maou's room in Rosa Villa.

Yuki's heart finally felt at peace, seeing that they were back to relative safety, but he was still standing beyond all odds as he heard Hanzo say "Are you really human"

Buy Yuki didn't say anything as he observed Hanzo before muttering "Thank you" before disregarding all his previous pride and bravado and fell down face-first to the floor only to end up being caught by Hanzo who laid him down on the floor with a complicated look on his face and started healing them both…

Hanzo being there to save them wasn't a coincidence, he actually followed Yuki and witnessed everything that happened from start to finish. At the end, when Emilia teleported herself away, he knew she didn't have enough mana to survive her injuries so after some struggling, he decided to save her. But he didn't expect to see Yuki fighting to the death with Rize when he went back instead of teleporting away like he promised Emilia. After all, he knew about his dimensional link ability and expected him to use it.

His mind was overwhelmed with emotions the more he thought about what happened 'Was he ready to sacrifice his life? But why?' Hanzo couldn't understand what was going on in Yuki's mind, but he understood one thing for sure, the look in his eyes, while he was fighting said it all, he was ready to face death…

"What a weird kid…" muttered Hanzo while healing both Emilia and Yuki before he picked up his phone and called Maou and Ashiya to inform them about this incident.

Unfortunately, he was also short on mana to fight for long, plus their injuries were too severe and required to be healed immediately so he decided to let her escape, but this didn't mean she would be safe from their hunt. Ghoul or not, his lord's the demon lord, and he's a fallen Angel!!

"What, both Yuki and Emilia are heavily injured!! I will be there right away" This was the response Hanzo received after talking to Maou and Ashiya leaving him surprised again at how much they cared about these two.

"Damn you two, she's your biggest enemy… and he's… he's something" Hanzo couldn't help but mutter with confused feelings…

After a few minutes of treatment, Emilia was the first to wake up since her injuries were the least serious, and after analyzing her familiar surroundings, her gaze ended up landing on Hanzo who was healing the heavily injured Yuki.

"What happened to Yuki???" yelled Emilia as she rushed to Yuki's side and noticed the many injuries on his body that weren't there when she teleported.

"Don't tell me…" Emilia's face was full of shock as tears kept falling from it and Hanzo simply said with a cold look "You should be grateful to Yuki, he ended up fighting to the death with that woman because he couldn't escape, if I didn't save him in time, he would have died for sure"

Emilia didn't know what to say while looking at Lucifer 'Did he save us both' this made her world view twist even more than seeing Maou save people, but in the end, she simply muttered "Thank you" before sitting beside Yuki and watching his sleepy face that had a frown on it.

'Is he in pain?' Emilia's heart ached while looking at this, but in reality, the unconscious Yuki was having a dream, and in it, he was being scolded by his grandpa for his stupid actions and overconfidence in his meager strength… something he vowed to never do again!


Meanwhile, not long after Hanzo teleported Yuki and Emilia away, the police swarmed the abandoned warehouse, and the female driver Yuki kinda kidnapped was being interrogated by them and she explained to them what happened.

However, they only found a devasted warehouse when they entered, and remains of dried blood were in many places.

"Just what in the hell happened here?" asked a young officer, but the veteran officer simply frowned deeply as he recognized these marks, and he knew that whatever happened here was beyond them so he quickly left and went to contact the special forces that deals with ghouls…

After hanging up the phone, they put a barricade to protect the evidence and waited until a special team came and started doing their investigation…


Somewhere else in a normal residence in Shinjuku, Rize's face was full of anger at the thought of losing her precious prey, but she was also puzzled as she muttered "Just what kind of beings are these people, that woman can summon weapons and teleport, the kid's body was as tough as stones, not to mention his terrible stench, and the last one… He had dark wings! Was he a devil or something? Do they really exist?"


After some silence, Rize let out a wicked smile as she muttered "I wonder how he tastes" before she licked some of Emilia's remaining blood on the knife she used to torture with and ecstatic look on her face...



It took more than half an hour for Yuki to regain his consciousness, this was mainly thanks to his [Guardian's orb] but Hanzo also played a huge role in his recovery and he was now at around 60% of his health.

The moment he woke up, he noticed that he was in Maou's room and currently everyone was present. But before he could say anything, Emilia immediately hugged him with tears in her eyes completely disregarding the people staring at them.

The demons didn't let this chance slide by and Ashiya immediately said "My lord, do you think this ghost used some kind of curse to make Emilia fall for him like this?"

Maou responded to him with a similar cheeky smile on his face "I don't know, I don't think curses are enough, he probably used dark and blood magic as well, this kid is dangerous… You should be careful Ashiya, he might come after you as well"

Ashiya put on a startled look as he quickly covered his ass and said to Yuki "You won't do this, right? Yuki-kun?"

Yuki kept staring at him up and down weirdly and didn't respond making Ashiya panic slightly as he asked again "RIGHT? YUKI!!"

But he was punched away by Emilia with a red face as she said "You bastard, stop ruining the moment"

Everyone couldn't help but laugh at this, and Yuki even noticed a smile on Hanzo's face who quickly turned his head away to cover it, probably embarrassed.

"Thanks, Hanzo" said Yuki all of sudden which made Hanzo even more embarrassed with all the attention on him but he hid it quite well as he replied "You already thanked me"

"Oh, did I?" muttered Yuki and with a smirk said "I have a gift for you"

Hanzo stared at him doubtfully, and asked "What gift?"

Yuki's smirk turned even more evil as he said "You know how you like wallets right? I made a promise to myself to steal that bitch's wallet during the fight…"

Everyone stared in shock at Yuki as he retrieved a bloodied purple wallet from his crotch area, and threw it to Hanzo while saying "Consider this my thanks"

Hanzo almost didn't catch it considering where it came from, and it even made Emilia's red face even redder, but he couldn't help but open it and stare at Yuki for a long time when he saw it had Rize's id card and other things 'Even at that point, he still made sure to get revenge for himself in the future, what a scary kid'

The demons too thought the same, and they couldn't help but respect Yuki even more as well as fear him, Now they were sure that he would have haunted them if they killed him.... If only they knew, Yuki stole it as payback because Rize broke his dear knife… He was far more terrifying than they thought, for he was a petty person….

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