My life in Persona 4 Golden as a Tojo Clan Heir (droped)

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Chapter 26 : White Wolf of Inaba (1)


The week came and went. It's the weekend. After some gruelling hours writing non-stop, I finally finished my work on SAO. There's a few noteworthy things that happened this week. The prerequisite of the next event finally occurs: Yukiko, who stepped up to become the inn's manager, who took over from her mother, who herself stepped down because of the incident at their inn.

The 'incident' I meant is the first victim of the metaverse. A female reporter who stayed in Amagi Inn suddenly disappears one day to show up the next day, dead, hanging from a power pole. It's one of the cases Uncle Ryo's working on. But so far there's no other lead. The butterfly effect will soon happen, as Yu saved the second victim from death, Saki Konishi.

Though I found it sickening, in the original work, Saki is forced into the Tv world by Adachi because she rejected his advances. But in reality, nothing like that happened. As she was never called to the police station, nor met Adachi before. Which I find quite strange. But there's no crying over spilt milk, Yu is stronger than his in game counterpart after all.

My phone rang.

"Akira here."

"Hideyoshi here, I heard you wanted to meet me. I'm currently in Inaba at the moment."

"Sure, where do you suggest we meet?"

"Ashina Family's HQ if possible. Isshin-san is eagerly waiting for you here. And can you please bring YU, Isshin seems to take interest in the boy."


Speak of the devil. Yu, the Sis-con Kingpin of Steel, finally woke up, from the looks of it he's ready to roam around for today, wearing a cotton polo shirt. With black jeans.

"Yu, are you free today?"

"I am now."

Hmmmm, why do I feel like he had other plans beforehand.

"Alright change into a suit. We're going somewhere today."


As soon as Yu and I finished changing, the rest of the family came down towards the kitchen to grab something to eat.

"Uncle Ryo, Nanako, Izanami, I'll be heading out with Yu."

"OK/Be careful/Don't forget to bring your keys."

Oh yeah, Uncle Ryo gave us a key each which means that we're finally allowed to roam until dawn.

"Do you need a ride?"

"No, but i could borrow your keys."

"Cheeky brat!"

He gets up and asked me to follow him to the garage.

"Ok, Is there something I should worry about today?"

"No, we're just introducing ourselves."

"Do you need this?"

He handed me a kevlar, and a handgun. [Glock-17].

"There's no need for today."

"Ok then, stay safe. And if push comes to shove just call me. I'll think of something"

"Thank you Uncle Ryo."

"Yu, do you know how to ride a bike?"


"Ok then you drive!"

As we got on the motorcycle, Yu immediately accelerated, and with me pointing the way, we reached our destination in no time.

We reach what seems to be a dojo, with a big gate. We asked around and got pointed towards this direction, so there's no denying that this is the place.

The gate is imposing. It's 5 meters tall, as tall as our clan's HQ gate. And from the looks of it, there's no mechanism of any kind to open the door. I asked Yu to park the bike somewhere near. Which he did, he 'parked' it besides the big door. I'm not gonna say anything. I'm not gonna tsukkomi on this. but, GOD DAMNIT YU.

I knocked on the 'door'. But there seems to be no answer. So I just pushed the door. With my physical strength alone, it doesn't budge, so I cheated a little, I pushed a bit of mana inside my body, to buff my physical attributes. And pushed both doors at the same time, but alas, I put a bit too much force into it, as the door slams open, almost damaging the hinge.

The sight that greeted me was a row of people, bowing, it seems that its a mix of both Kinoshita Family and Ashina Family's men.

"We greet the Young Master."

As they bow uniformly, like there was a rehearsal before this. This also feels nice.

"Lets go Yu."

As I look towards Yu, he doesn't seem bothered at all, no, it's me who can't read him at all. Oh well.

We are guided, by the row of people, towards a traditional Japanese room, as one of Ashina men opens the sliding door for us and urges us in.

We are greeted by the sight of an old man sitting beside a young man, then there's also Hideyoshi sitting on the edge of the room. And lastly a spot for both of us, signified by the empty japanese pillow for us to sit.

"Welcome to my humble abode, [Demon King]"

Huh, this guy looks just like him huh.

"The pleasure is all mine [Sword Saint]"

I feel bloodlust, no, this is, sword intent huh. The air itself felt sharp, as if you're going to get a papercut, just from breathing it in. So, I let out some of my own [Spear Intent]. Now his eyes are smiling.

"I guess that title is not just for show. To be able to comprehend an [Intent] at such a young age. Tch, If only I was several decades younger. Let me introduce myself, My name is Isshin Ashina, Patriarch and 'Sword Saint' of the Ashina family. And this is my son, Sakamoto Ashina. Introduce yourself."

"Tch, stupid old man, My name's Sakamoto Ashina, 2nd year of Shujin HIghschool."

Isshin, he is an unnaturally tall old man with a slim body, he is taller than Uncle Kaz, who is 180/ 6"0. He had a white hair tied in an ancient japanese topknot.

Sakamoto on the other hand, is also a tall man, with a 180cm body, a rather muscular build, and a spiky red hair and eyes, one can see that he's almost the incarnation of passion.

"Akira Dojima greets [Sword Saint] Isshin."

"Yu Narukami greets [Sword Saint] Isshin."

"So your name is Yu huh."

"Is he the one old man?"

"Yes, he is better than you in any way imaginable. More diligent, honorable, and lastl--"

A sword flashed to the air and it looked like it was supposed to sever Yu's head off.

"--y, never falters. That's why he is the right hand of the [Demon Lord], and not you."

Did he max out his courage? The Crazy man almost has his head chopped off but he's still smiling. And what's with the second sentence, right hand? Sure why not having the protagonist as my Right Hand means plot armor I'm all in.

"Yu Narukami greets sensei."

"Hmmm? You see that Sakamoto? That's determination right there, something you lack. Yu was it? But I have not taken any more students since my own flesh and blood. And my body is not what it used to be. But. I'll make an exception, come here before school everyday, at 4. Don't be late."

"Tch, I had eno---"

As Sakamoto was standing up.

"Did I say you can leave?"

"Tch, what else do you want, old man?"

"Duel him."

"What? He's so small I can do it with my hands tied in my back. I Refuse"

"Duel him."

The second time he said it, I felt the chills.

"Fine. If I win I don't want to see your face in this dojo anymore!"

Ara ara are you jealous? That your father is more interested in him than you.

"Hmmm. Challenge accepted."

"HAHAHA! Emma, Prepare the stage!"

"By your will."

I heard the voice coming from the roof. Is that a ninja? Ara Hideyoshi seems calm after all this. He seemed to have expected this huh. Not bad. We changed place to what seems to be a training room in the huge dojo.

"Did you plan all this Hideyoshi?"

"You can say that, but Isshin-san taking in another disciple is really beyond me."

"Thank you."

"The demon king thanking someone huh, that's something new."

"By any chance are you in the same generation as us?"

"You could say that, although asking a woman her age is forbidden even for a demon king."

Like hell you are.

In the center of the room, two people are standing apart from one another. Both wearing a hakama and gi. On one side is Yu, and on the other end is Sakamoto. Both draw their wooden katanas.

"Best of one, No Crippling nor killing, those who could not continue or knocked out losses. No Surrender."

Silence. I can hear the sound of my own heart beating.


Both people move quickly to close the distance. Then a clash, swords against swords, but something feels unnatural.

[Ah, that. That's touki. Or the Fighting Spirit. It seems that Yu has somehow been able to comprehend it.]

Hmmm, but it feels different somehow.

[Yes, unlike you and Isshin who have been through battles, their touki is incomplete. Yu's touki is more mature than Sakamoto's but Sakamoto's Touki quality is higher than Yu's.]

I don't understand.

[Think of it this way, Yu's touki is like a lump of slime, with the size of your entire hand. While Sakamoto's only as big as your fist. But Sakamoto's Touki has already been molded into a knife. While Yu's still don't have a definite shape. ]

Hmmm i see. Does that mean that Sakamoto doesn't have talent in swordsmanship?

[HAHAHA! Not at all, it just means he doesn't practice, if he have gone through hardships like Yu his would be infinitely larger.]

Ah I get it. So you mean that Sakamoto has already forged his Touki in the right direction, with more practice, his would grow bigger. But Yu on the other hand, hasn't found his own 'style' huh so to speak.

[That's right.]

"What do you think?"

Isshin's voice brought me out of my talk.

"Sakamoto lacks practice, Yu lacks a teacher."


"And your plan is to teach Yu to push Sakamoto into practicing more."

"Hahaha, am i that obvious?"

I said nothing to his remark and continued watching.

[Yu's movement is getting better by the second.]

Romulus's right. Yu who was on the defense for the whole fight managed to get some good counter hits in. Sakamoto on the other hand seems to have noticed this and is trying to end the Duel as fast as possible.

Sakamoto who seemed rash at first is actually a very methodical fighter. His moves remind me of flames, unyielding and unforgiving. But also sometimes reckless. Yu's on the other hand is calm Like a vast ocean. He anticipates moves, and never takes risks that are not guaranteed, and like water, once it's pushed in one direction, it'll slowly flow back to its original resting state. Calm, but precise, that's Yu's swordsmanship.

The dance of fire and water soon reaches its climax. As the Sakamoto's flame crashes down on Yu akin to a falling meteor, Yu calmly anticipated and intercepted it. Like a Whirlpool, the ocean swallows up the fire. Yu swallows up all of Sakamoto's momentum by breaking his balance mid strike, and finally striking his exposed back with the wooden katana.

"Finish! Winner Yu Narukami."

"Tch, that's a lucky shot."

He said before being carried by who i assumed to be emma. Emma is a young woman a bit older than me, she wears a black yukata, with traditionally styled hair. (WN: Search for emma the gentle blade.)

"I'll be expecting you tomorrow at 4."

"Now if you'll excuse me Demon King, I have something to talk to with my son."

I nodded towards him.

"By your leave."

Not long after. Yu also collapse on the floor, smiling. Now what am I going to do with Yu.