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Read ‘MY LIFE IN MHA’ Online for Free, written by the author Sanchia_Bailey, This book is a Teen Novel, covering Fiction, Light Novel, Internet Novel, and the synopsis is:


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Meet Elena Claw Wolfs, the sweetest and at the same time, the most dominant and badass trybrid girl you'll ever see. At least in the human world. She is the rightful heir to the lycan throne Meet her worst nightmare and her antagonist in every way, Thomas 'Cassius' Rein. The being with the darkest and greediest of hearts that you'll ever know in the supernatural world. After the overthrown lycan Queen, Alessia Claw escapes from the clutches of the chains that held her captive in a dark dungeon and her husband's murderer, she runs with what little magic she had left in her to get brother, the vampyre king in search of a safe haven for both her and her unborn child. A child whose destiny had been written great since the dawn of time. The trybrid child, Elena and not just any trybrid child, the first and last of her kind. The only one in existence. What happens when the supernatural and the human world gets entangled in a brutal magical war threatening to tip both off their balances? It is up to Elena, the trybrid Luna to avenge the death of her father and save her mom, her world and all others from the dreadful grip of the evil Cassius. Would Elena succeed? Would she be willing lose her alpha and everyone that she loves just so she can fulfill her already written destiny. Find out in this thrilling book filled with magic and wonder!! Pls leave comments, vote, follow and reviews as you read to keep me motivated. Gifts are well acceptable.

Ulric Efukor · Fantasy
Not enough ratings
51 Chs


Italy, a country filled with love, passion great food and a very colorful and vibrant culture. But In this country lies secret darker than anyone could ever imagine. To be honest every country has their own secret but it is no secret that the Italian mafias are real and alive. It was when Dante Lorenzo, just a little boy learnt the harsh truth about the country he was born and grew up in and about life. That night after his parents tucked him to bed. He hears a loud bang and wakes up instantly. Scared, the young boy of ten years old walks toward the door of his parents room. He opens it to find the lifeless body of his parents covered in blood from their heads to toes. At this sight the young boy screams and falls to his knees. In shock, pain and disbelief. The same mother who kissed his forehead had a bullet right through her own. The same father who hugged him before going to work had a knife in his chest. He was shocked, angry and traumatized. This boy is then taken in as the adopted child of a large business mogul and his wife. He later finds out the real job of his foster parents. They were in the MAFIA. He grows up taking lessons from his new father, mother and many helpers towards becoming the next leader of the Romano Mafia. While going through all this the night that his loving parents were gruesomely killed never escaped his mind. And on his eighteenth birthday he swore to himself to avenge his parents and kill everyone involved in their murder. That was the beginning of Dante’s revenge…

Sam_En · Realistic
Not enough ratings
3 Chs


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