37 Rewrite chapter 1

I died.

I saw a blinding flash and an outline of a truck and for moment, I felt nothing. The next, I was here. A dark room where I was stuck in a fetal position.

And for the past 2 hours, I have been coping with that. It took approx 84,462 seconds to get into gear and rationalize my existence and sort my current predicament into one of 3 possible outcomes

1. Coma Induced hallucinations.
2. Heaven/Hell/Any religious afterlife scenario
3. Reincarnation.

I know the last one seems desperate but if seeing my life flash before my eyes and it actually leaving, has taught me anything, it is that impossibility and insanity is a matter of perspective.
I could rule out the first option because it has been 2 hours at minimum since I died and if searching YouTube videos on higher dimensions and reading cutting edge medical papers has taught me anything, it is that coma hallucinations don't last thing long and are nowhere as lucid.

3 Days later

It has been around 3 days since I got my shit back together and I noticed something important.
I had nothing do to. I had nothing to see. I had nothing to hear. I had nothing to touch. I had nothing to smell. I had nothing to do.

Sensory deprivation is called a form torture for a reason but I had a saving grace. A internal energy. It was hard to measure but I had something to do and to pass the time with. The internal energy was something I did not know much about but it flowed through my body in a fixed circulation that I decided to call the pathways. The pathways had a center point near my chest/nape area that I called the core.

The pathways would be nearly depleted after one circulation but once it reached the core, it would stop and by the next circulation, to would be back with dull force.

The first time I completed a circuit, I felt drained and I fell asleep. The next time I awoke, I felt refreshed and much better, like I just got rid of a blocked nose and I realized that circuit of energy must be a positive thing and it would help me develop faster and maybe get my senses to a acceptable level. Acceptable level, as in enough to hear from outside the womb and gather important information such as my parents and my universe and possibly my character from canon.

I proceeded to spend a uncountable number of hours just messing around and trying to refine my internal energy to a high level. I had tried so many different applications but I had nothing to practice with but myself, so I enhanced my body and my senses so they could develop faster. I did that by circulating my energy through my developing body and reinforcing each and every single cell in my body with energy.

That exercise was enough to keep me sane and give me a goal but I still had a lot of free time and I developed a habit of talking to myself but it was a pretty good time waster so I ain't complaining. I had also managed to narrow down possible universes down by a lot based on the mysterious force in my body. It had 3 properties that I could document

1. Enhancing growth and power of senses, physical body etc
2. Externally affect the world(I couldn't acesss it but I could feel a few exits along the pathways)
3. Posses a core focus and a circulation cycle from where it circulates.

Currently the only forces that matched these points were the force, literally any cultivation novel ever, Harry Potter AU fanfics, Chi, Ki and a few others. I was favoring the cultivation novels because the power system fit too the tee but I really didn't want to be born in such a backward world with such anarchistic/medieval views.

My best hope would be too be reborn in Star Wars, abuse my knowledge to become rich, buy a private planet and spend my life in luxury but for some reason, I didn't feel like I would like such a dull life. I felt different, more dominant and closer to a adrenaline junky then I would like.

My goals are to leave this place, most likely a womb, soon and become as powerful as I can so I can survive. Maybe get a few girls, have a fulfilling life. But sometimes I feel that I want way more excitement in my life. The excitement of battle. The excitement of power. Maybe this was better but let's not get ahead of myself.

Back too topic, I am doing my best to become the most proficient with my energy because no matter where or who I am born/reborn as. I know one thing.

Power is the one true constant.

I am back bitches. It took a while but I am back too writing. Thanks for sticking though with me even after my long hiatus but I will be writing this story for a while. The story won't follow the exact same story line but it will have simliar story beats and a better flow. So don't worry about having to read the same events in a different POV. Also for those of you who did not come from my OG story, Welcome here and don't read the original one. I am rewriting this for a reason.
Also to those of you guys saying that "another one bites the dust" or "another fic dropped by author sama" when I had merely taken a week long hiatus, I thank you for your patience and confidence that I would not continue. Also please tell me any flaws in the story and feel free to Message me if you feel like I am not living upto your expectations and how I can improve. Also the books are all over the place and I am facing man technical issues regarding this website
Thanks bye.

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