3 School

4 years later

It has been 4 years later and a lot has happened.

I met Gwen when I was 3 months old and I do the most sensible thing I could, I pet her head. I basically stayed with her almost everyday and would regularly give her a head pat or a hug for the sake of it. Positive reinforcement and all that. Any time she did something good, I would praise her but if she did something wrong then no toys for her.

She had gotten unhealthily attached to me and would cry whenever I wouldn't console her. This made for a lot of amazing photos and childhood memories. To be fair I enjoyed the attention a lot and I saw her as a little sister. If I wasn't me then I would be worried about her reliance on me.

Her first words came a week after my own at 10 months compared to my 9. Of course her first word were "Ben" followed by even more "Ben" until nearly a week later when she said 'mom'. Of course I may have added fuel to the fire by petting her whenever she said my name. I still remember my first words

My dad was telling me about a high school story when I decided that I had waited enough and My first words were 'bored'. To this day whenever I would say bored, my mom would crack up and start laughing. My dad was still sore about it years later.

I took to running around the house like a madman whenever could walk to build up reflex's, stamina and physical strength. I wouldn't cry during the night but I kept on sneaking into the library whenever they weren't there and even in front of them just to build a reputation as a genius and it worked.

My magical ability hadn't progressed much but I was able to create a static barrier from pure magic but it was pretty weak and Brittle. I had An Epiphany, if the world has a bad magic system, create your own. I made progress in intimidation by focusing the magic to spread around me and act as a blanket. I used my magic to enhance my physical capabilities by a large amount but i needed to train my hand to eye co-ordination along with balance and spatial awareness to use the strength properly. I had bounced a lot of possible magical possibilities in my head and combing magic with my aliens was a major priority.

Today is the day we attend preschool. Me and Gwen would attend the same school since our parents live near each other. I forgot the name but I think it was either the same one as canon Ben or a higher level one. I don't really know and don't really care. If someone tries to bully me or my little angel, then satan shall come out of his place to terrorize- I mean to teach some manners to young children.

We were dropped off and an exceptionally smart Gwen started talking To me. She was much much smarter than any one I had ever met and she acted closer to 7 then 4

" Ben, will we have fun? Can we learn more?"

"Of course we can learn a lot but we can also make more friends."

"I don't want more friends, I have big bro ben"

Yeah the respect was strong. But she needs to be more self sufficient so I will only interfere is I am needed

"Remember what I said"

"Yes bro. You won't help useless it is necessary"

"Good girl" I gave her a head pat.

The moment we sat into the class a teacher walked into class.

"Hello everyone my name is..." I just tuned her out. A practice that had sadly become common use in my home life. I instead turned my attention to a girl from canon who I knew, Kai. The girl from the werewolf episode, you know the one who ben had a crush on but didn't move on it and acted like a jerk. Yeah her.

"Mr Tennyson, introduce yourself."

"Hi, my names Benjamin but you guys can call me ben. I like games and sports."

(Side note: I misspelled sports and it auto corrected to harem. Yes harem. Just wanted to let you guys know)

For some reason I was seen as a threat by the boys for some reason but I rolled with it. Gwen quickly made friends with the girls as I had asked her to and played with them while I went and spoke with Kai. Gwen was jealous and I could feel her anger from the other side of the classroom but a Hugh to her was enough to quench her thirst for vengeance.

"Hi, how are you doing? My names ben but you know that"

"I am fine, wanna play" she had a toothy grin and a cute smile.

I spent the rest of the day talking to her until Gwen came back from playing.

Of course there was the syllabus but that was a joke. I just answered all the questions before taking a nap.

The teachers tried to make me answer questions but when I responded to the questions without removing my head from my elbows, they gave up. Gwen still tried to answer all the questions and this became a competition between her and Kai.

I mitigated any harmful tensions by telling them about the value of sharing and morals. I used the time in school to catch up for the missed sleep during the nights in which I performed magic and learned more about biology, physics and basically anything I could get my hands on.

The human brain is extremely adaptable during its development stages and even if I can't understand some things, My smartest aliens will have a much larger library of knowledge to pull data out of. Also being smart was good. My physical training hadn't really shown any results cause I am 4 years old but it should show results by the time I am 10.

The trio of me Kai and Gwen quickly became an intertwined group in which she confided to us about her near crazy dad and their constant adventures. I don't know whether I should be worried or happy but they got along so well so meh.

Of course dad tries to take a dig at me

"Can you handle two girls my little lady killer?"

"Easily, after all I am at the very least the man of the house. You can't even take on half of mom before succumbing to her wrath."

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