1 Rebirth

I died.

I died to a truck with a weird ass driver. He had golden hair nearly 10 cm tall in a weird super saiyan hair cut.


The next thing I know I am inside a liquid filled container. So three possibilities:

1. Heaven

2. Death/coma induced hallucinations

3. Rebirth

Personally I am hoping for the third one. I don't have any control over the other 2 so let's assume the third one. I'd be fine in most universes like dragon ball z, pokemon, Harry Potter etc. but I hope I am not in a universe I don't know about that much or at all like Star Wars for example.

No time skips for me I guess I'll just have lay around for, hopefully less than, 9 months but I've always been a "hope for the best prepare for the worst" type of a guy so ...

Wait a moment. I can't remember my name. I can't remember any thing. Wait I can still remember all the fictions I have seen and the ones I have read. I remember certain situations but not the memories about them. Like I know the unofficial rules of a classroom but I can't remember ever going to school. It's a weird sense of distortion that I wouldn't really be able to pinpoint. I was basically a fetus with extra information. I guess I don't have to worry about pedophilia.

Still in my efforts to pinpoint my location, I remembered that most of the universes have a special energy within them (like Harry Potter, star wars, Dragon ball) so I tried to meditate and look within one selves or some other bullshit and voila I found a pinkish red misty energy flowing through me. That rules out a few universes but I am a realistic bastard I won't hold hope. Plus I may just be in a multitude of AU universes.

Now to be honest I can't do too much inside the (I hope what is a womb) besides playing with me energy and I've always been a quality over quantity kind of guy. So I tried to compress the energy to make it denser, it took a while but I finally made it around (it's hard to measure without a ruler)10% denser. It also changed from pitifully pale pink red to a less pitifully pale and more reddish red.

I really haven't tried to count the time since I sleep a lot and i feel like I would go crazy from all the counting. I can now slowly make out noises which sound comprehensible. It's like trying to listen to sound underwater. My mom still moves around a lot so I realized that I have a long way before I am born into the land of ..living? Dead? I don't know which universe I am in so I haven't made progress on that front. So current goals

1. Find out which universe your in

2. Train energy to become as Powerful as possible

3. Find out Who my parents/relatives are

Unknown amount of time later

I made finally made progress, In a brilliant stroke of luck, goals one and three are now complete. Yep. once my hearing was developed enough I heard a few word which sealed my fate they were, Carl, Gwen, Sandra and max. The only universe with all of these characters was

I am in ben 10!! Holy shit. Wait what was that energy? Is it magic? Cause Gwen had it cause max got it on with a magical alien and Ben 10,000 could perform magic and he was one of bens possible futures, so.. yeah. I am a massive Ben 10 fan and saw almost all the shows.

(Ben's future incarnation changed each and every time he saw the future version of himself. Plus each show wanted a shot at Ben 10,000. There were 3 futures, Ben 10,000 from the original series. Ultimate Ben from the ultimate alien and alien force. Ben 10k from omniverse and the reboot hadn't tacked time travel yet so that's that)

Wait am I ben or am I someone from bens generation? Cause I hope I am ben Tennyson cause he is the main character and is related to plumber max but if I am not then I could still easily obtain the omnitrix.

Ben 10 was my childhood and I saw its rise and it's downfall. I saw the great character development in the first show, all of alien force and the 2 seasons of ben 10 ultimate alien. For him to make the hardest choices in his life. To kill ultimate Kevin when he believed that there was no salvation for Kevin. To sacrifice the omnitrix. To sacrifice himself for everyone else. Turn into someone I could be proud of to have seen. The sheer amount of power he wielded, enough to destroy the entire universe and create Another one however he sees fit, only for him to give it up for his morals and to do the right thing.

(He did all of those btw. He sacrificed the omnitrix to stop Vilgax from getting his hands on it. He nearly killed ultimate Kevin but Gwen stopped him. He sacrificed himself but he later was retconned into existence by the deus ex machina. He recreated the entire universe with alien s when he failed in stopping it. He held Avalon and could easily destroy all evil with it but he gave it up to do the right thing. He had amazing character development and he grew in each season. At the beginning he was still a bit cocky but by the end he had grown into a man.)

I was so happy.

Only for it to be reversed and cause ben to turn into an egotistical jerk. The sheer amount of annoyance I felt when they turned the character back to its original non developed roots was so angering, that I dropped the show.

The producers wanted to get the charm of O.G. Ben, so they turned ben into more immature version of himself, not considering that why we liked O.G. Ben was for his character development and to see him grow up and take up the mantle as the wielder of the omnitrix. They reversed the major charm of the show in a desperate attempt to get more popularity from a already successful show.

Omni verse was a step in the wrong direction with the concept but the execution was pretty good. The art style was much better and made for smoother animation but the new transformations like bloxs and the personality never changed for more than a few episodes and the reboot was pretty good as a stand-alone but they basically threw away the legacy and just uses the character however they want. Not that it is a bad thing, but it is for a new generation. It was a fresh start and it had led a lot of things better than the O.G. Show like Ben and gwens relationship, power scaling, new aliens and good villains

If I am ben then I shall use the full potential of his power along with the maximum capacity of omnitrix. Maybe get a few hot chicks along the way. Charmcaster could easily have a redemption arc and Ben had a lot of love interests.

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