1 0-heroic deed

Life. Well based on a teenager (me) opinion its probably something dark and meaningless. Like logarithm for a farmer or asking "Are you sick?" from a patient laying on the bed in the hospital.

Why am I still trying to survive if it's meaningless?

A young man standing within a battlefield full of bodies with a bloodied sword in hand and eyes full of depression is questioning his will to live. He watches the crows feasting on his brethren flesh but suddenly he hears a footstep.

He tightens his hands on the sword handle and turn his head toward the person. An old man carrying the loots that he has gathered in an old leather bag slowly comes toward our hero.

"What are you doing useless brat?! Stop daydreaming or do you want to get your a*ss kicked and starve to death because you didn't gather enough loot again?!"

Bell frowns when he hears the old man's words that destroyed his heroic moments and says:

"Ugh....come on I just wanted to rest a bit. We have been doing this since early morning just a little rest doesn't hurt ok?"

He continues his nagging but still takes his bag of loots and follows his senior, so they can go back to do their "heroic" deeds....