20 Humiliation

Kelan nodded his head as he digested the information, he and Regan happily chatted with themselves. 

**Later in the evening**

"Man I got to go". 

"sigh..... I wish you could stay "

"Don't worry buddy I will spend some time with you often I promise" Kelan said. 

"OK let me see you off, And Kelan you can take that hoverboard with you, I have one, so you can keep the second one. "

"Thank you very much, Regan, I don't know how to thank you. "

"It's nothing man". 

Then Kelan returned to the warping station and stored his hoverboard inside his space ring, then he warped to the military school. 


Kelan arrived at the military base.

"I am back to this lion's den," Kelan sighed.

And he headed towards the dorm, as he was walking he was suddenly blocked by 5 boys. 

He checked their watch and noticed that three of them were D-rank supe while the other two were E-rank. 

Then he asked them

"What do you want?? "

One of the masked boys suddenly removed his mask.

"Mike... Youuu.." Kelan was angry because he hates Mike's guts, Mike was the son of Derius pam of the pam family in uruja. 

"What do you want? "'

"Transfer your credit points" Mike smirked. 

Kelan shook his head and said, "you are not worthy of my time."

"Attack him boys" Mike controlled his lackeys and they charged at Kelan. 

"Force field," Kelan muttered.

[force field activated ]

The lackeys could feel an overbearing pressure on their bodies as they were unable to move. 

They were even unable to use their abilities. 

Kelan wore Tina's old brass knuckle and charged at the lackeys, he punched them very hard with all the strength he could muster, defeating them with one blow. 

That one blow was a fatal one, as teeth could be seen on the floor and the dislocated jaws of the lackeys was a horrible scene to watch. 

Mike's face paled as he quickly summoned ice shards and launched them at Kelan, Kelan quickly used his force field to slow down the ice shards but he could feel his energy depleting at an alarming rate. 

Kelan dodged the ice shards and ran towards Mike, before Mike could summon another ice Kelan punched him in his stomach. Mike screamed as he was sent flying.

Kelan wanted to kill him but he couldn't kill him on the academy premises. But he could torture him. 

Mike's ribs were broken 

And as he could sense Kelan coming, his instincts kicked in as they were screaming at him to run 'for the devil is at hand'. 

Mike tried to run but Kelan gripped him by his neck.

"Mystro can sex stimulator work on a male, I want to disgrace this trash here and there" Kelan talked to mystro telepathically.

[Yes during my prime I used sex stimulation on one emperor, he was masturbating like crazy and cumming in the public gaga gaga ]

"You are too evil". Kelan grinned.

Kelan gave Mike a healing pill and his injuries started to close.

Mike was happy as he thought Kelan had forgiven him. 

But suddenly Kelan started to drag him towards the pub. 

Kelan motioned him to sit on the floor in front of the pub. 

Then Kelan went inside the pub and activated sex stimulation 

[sex stimulation has been activated ]

[-20 energy as host used it on a male]

Mike was still confused as to why Kelan would tell him to sit on the floor. 

Suddenly his dick started to rise and it tore through his trousers and revealed itself.

The drunkards and the people in the pub noticed Mike stroking his dick in the public. 

Mike had lost his mind as he began to masturbate like crazy, sperm was gushing out like a fountain. 

Mike was already surrounded by 1000 people and a few drunkards as they were videoing him, the drunkards felt irritated with Mike's fetishes.

They were throwing all sorts of things at him, like bursting expired watermelons on his head, and old people who had not brushed their teeth in decades spat on him. 

One of the drunkards that felt extremely irritated and annoyed shouted.  

" Let's cut this shit dick."

Then one of the drunkards unsheathed his sword and sliced Mike's dick like a Japanese swordsman slicing through butter. 


 Mike screamed as he was squirming on the floor with his dick bleeding, one of the drunkards shoved his sliced-off dick inside his mouth and they began to laugh. 

Kelan deactivated his skill and his lips curled into a smile and he said. 

"Serves you right" he muttered, then he left the horrible scene.  


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