164 Stella's first time [R-18][3/4]

Chapter 164: Stella's first time [R-18][3/4]

Alex's mood took a significant shift.

He had genuinely forgotten that Stella was a virgin. He kept showing off confidence, enjoying her curves and soft body to his heart's content.

Stella was the same. She relished the booming pleasure within her and the implications behind it. She was happy to taste the authentic husband-wife relationship.

Because of her reactions and content, Alex had forgotten about the most important thing!

After going through her hymen, Alex understood it.

That was the reason for his change. He was no longer brimming with confidence or cheekiness… Instead, he turned into a caring and overprotective man, holding Stella as if she was about to disappear.

He shook his hips gently, rubbing her insides slowly but pleasantly. He had his hands wrapped around her, not letting Stella even feel the bed. He changed their position soon, taking Stella's spot on the bed.


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