215 Schnee's lucky box(2)

Chapter 215: Schnee's lucky box(2)

After a whole night with Schnee, Alex woke up around afternoon.

He was feeling exhausted, and his body refused to move. For a moment, he couldn't help but think that having sex with Schnee was just too demanding. But on the other thought, all Deathwill Sisters were quite challenging, each in her unique way.

His thoughts quickly halted as Alex felt Schnee's touch. She coiled her arms around his arm, engulfing his side with her soft body. Alex's right arm was hidden within Schnee's chest, yet again showcasing her abundance of softness and size.

Alex felt the morning wood rising to its peak, his eyes rolling to the side.

And as Schnee slept soundlessly, there was no one to take care of his morning reaction. Alex also didn't feel like extending his hand as that could awaken his cat wife, who was sleeping rather cutely.


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