214 Schnee's first time [R-18]

Chapter 214: Schnee's first time [R-18]

Schnee hugged her pillow, stuffing her face in the soft texture. It was quite damp as she barely closed her mouth. Her whimpers kept escaping her rosy lips, which seemed impossible to stop unless her beloved stopped sucking on her pussy.

And that also seemed unlikely as Alex grew addicted to her taste.

Schnee's body was just too tasty. Her saliva, milk, cum, and sweat; all of them tasted so unique as if her body was possessed by Lilith, the famous succubus.

Alex's tongue made her at his wish, too, utterly subjugating the kitty wife. He kept slurping her juices, stuffing his tongue in her insides, which clamped him back as Schnee reacted accordingly to his advances.

His face was so wet that Alex would be able to feel her for more, even after drawing himself away from her ass. And if that were Earth, Alex's jaw probably would've been already dislocated, if not wounded.


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