159 Return to the Deathwill Castle

Chapter 159: Return to the Deathwill Castle

The soul grave-keeper and The Dullahan King weren't the only ones sent to the Earth through a power beyond their reach. In fact, every powerful existence had been transported here forcefully.

They lost their race characteristics, becoming normal humans.

No one was the exception.

However, if they reset their level, they would've been able to change their fates. They would be able to remain in their world and level up with players. It was still a tough choice as everyone knew how hard it was to level up.

And every high-level existence had its plans and people to look after. For that reason, The Dullahan King decided to go with the [Earthling Quests].

He was fine as long as he could return to his kingdom at his wish. With his strength, his main duty was to protect his home. His presence alone was enough to deter most people.


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