199 It's over

Chapter 199: It's over

"Crystallized Elven Heart?" Elias Deathwill whispered while the nurse tended to his wounds.

"Did you say something?" the very nurse asked.

Elias promptly lifted his hand, telling her to not mind him. He then started thinking inwardly about Alex's words.

He had managed to create a legendary class for the player. He believed that this class would fulfill his ambitions, which was indeed the case. Alex broke the system, helped Deathwill Sisters level up, and the Deathwill Castle was abundant in resources and facilities.

However, Elias Deathwill couldn't predict the whole outcome of the legendary class creation, "I didn't have… that heart?"

There was a chance that some of his subjects had put that item in his treasury. That would explain Elias' lack of knowledge about it. However, before leaving the castle in foreign hands, Elias had taken necessary items for his own progress.


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