218 Flowers

Chapter 218: Flowers

Alex and Celia appeared in one of many cities.

His house was empty, only having a few pieces of furniture to not look too empty. It had a bed, some shelves, and a table. That was enough as Alex wouldn't spend time here. He also bought a small house that had just two rooms.

Celia looked around, "It's dark!"

It was dark and empty, actually.

Alex ruffled her hair, "I won't use this house for anything else other than teleporting. Of course, if my daughter grows up big enough and becomes independent, I will help her get her own house."

"I don't want to leave daddy and mom's side!" Celia's eyes grew sadder as she thought that Alex wanted her to leave the Deathwill Castle and live independently without anyone.

She was too young to understand him, so he quickly lifted her up, apologizing, "That's not what I mean.


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