216 A precious word

Chapter 216: A precious word

After opening the box, Alex's mind shook. For a moment, his whole consciousness disappeared from his body. He appeared in a red ocean with unfamiliar yet familiar energies.

He thought he was suddenly snatched by the hungry demons as that red color was unique to their power.

But after a little, Alex's vision shook again. He returned to his body, feeling Schnee's soft lips pressing him down below.

A new system message floated before his eyes.

[You have learned [Four Arms Constitution(???)]

[You can create four additional arms. Each arm will share your stats, and you will be able to control them like your normal arms.]

Alex shared the system message with Schnee, who had stopped momentarily sucking her favorite lollipop. Her eyes shimmered in lust, and her lips curved up into a wide sneer, saying, "Is that a skill to pleasure all of us three at once?"

"It's not," Alex replied immediately, "I knew you would say it…"


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