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My Iron Battle Suit [MIBS]


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An Epic Drunk Histo.. *Ahem* Summary - A pretty badass Chinese-American dude gets YEETed into the Marvel-verse (MCU) after using his awakened power to escape from a dire situation. ============================= *Disclaimer* I don't own anything, I'm basically a peasant. Special Note - I might've taken some creative liberty and artistic license to preserve my brain cells *tehee* (Well, what's left of it anyway) This is just a work of inspiration that hit my head while reading a crack translation, of a machine translation.. of some Chinese crack-fic inspired by an English work of legendary fiction. Chinese Crack-Fic Author: Steel Battle Suit [Read at your own brain cells' discretion] Marvel is owned by Walt Disney I think? ================================= FAQs Is There Romance? I don't know Is There Harem? I don't know Is It R18? I don't know Is He Gay? .... Is the MC a bonafide Badass? YES, yes he is. ==================================


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