1 chapter 1

"And if you ever feel like there's no reason to be alive, just live for the heck of it" said my therapist, clearly reading from a self help book.

I slowly nodded as I finished up my physics assignment. Well at least something good came outta this.

"Were you even listening?" she turns to me.

"Nope" I look around for the second leg of my shoe. The only reason I even come to this therapy whatever is cuz of the couch, AC and the Holy Grail; I mean the food

"You know you have to pay attention so you can get better or you'll just have to keep coming-"

"I'm already better for God's sake, I don't even fucking need this-"

"Watch your language Harlow" She said, pursing her lips

"Huh. I'm sorry. But respectfully, screw all this" I say packing my bag

"I'll see you tomorrow" She opens the door


Sometimes this therapy is worse than that depression shit. I mean, I wouldn't label myself as depressed. I just need a lot of space sometimes. This life thingy isn't always 'fun'. Damn, these shoes look good on me though

"Yay, time for an educational day" I roll my eyes as I walk down the hallway

Therapy before classes was always a pain in the ass. I think I'll just skip counselling today, even though I love it Oh So Much. Oh wow, more anti- suicide posters, totally gonna stop someone from hurting themselves

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"434- no, 437- " I whisper to myself trying to remember my lock code.

"What's up Reyes?" Doza walks up to me with a smug smirk.

"Guess where I got this shirt?" He holds his collars up, smirking

I chuckled "Where?"

"So you know me, the usual sitting in an abandoned alley, chilling for my drug guy" " Then! I spotted this shirt hanging on the side of a dumpster." He grins, showing off his cheap gold grill

"You are so gross." I finally open my locker

He stylishly spun around and shrugged his broker jacket over his shoulders, feeling smug.

"Ooh, what's this I see?" He snatches my drawing book from my locker

"Nice try Mendoza" I grin, taking it from him

"C'mon Reyes, I'm a fan" He tries to take it back

"Real funny. This is private property you know" I roll my eyes, stuffing it in my locker

"Sorry Jeez" He chuckles "Hey, where's Margo? I literally had to take the bus to school this morning" He shivers

"I don't know, maybe something came up" I shut my locker "So what did your drug guy give- "

"Hey, that's private shit" He whispers as we walk down the hall "So after school, we're gonna head to this abandoned railway. There's this graffiti place and we gotta check it out, I already got spray cans" He pats his jacket

"Sure but we gotta find Marg first" I take my phone out of my pocket

"Sure thing" He says as the bell rings

"Ooh, rush hour. I'll catch you later" He says as students rush through the hallway "You guys, I got new merch!" He yells over the crowd

So Doza is the 'Rip off' guy or whatever they call those dudes that sell everything. What kind of name is Doza, you may wonder? So, his name is Mario but he doesn't like it for some reason so he goes by his last name, and the rest is history. Okay so Sweaty Steve is extra sweaty today.

"What a wonderful way to start the morning, with literature" I sigh as I walk into the class. A long day ahead I see.


"So I'm pretty sure we're not even gonna use any of this school stuff, like ever" Doza says as we walk through the parking lot

"I'm pretty sure we will" I squint at the car pulling into the parking lot

"I'm just saying- "

"Dude" I interrupt him, pulling his jacket. "Is that- "

"Margo!" He yells as she drives towards us

"Where the hell have you been?" He crosses his arms "We promised we'd all go through this hell hole together" He points at the school

"I know, I'm sorry" She tosses a cigarette bud out the car "I just wasn't in the mood today" She shrugs, opening her car door

"We had to take the bus!" I spat. "I sat next to fat Larry!"

"I had to watch her sit next to fat Larry!"

"Okay guys, I'm sorry Okay? I'll take us out for lunch. That good?"

"Mmm, yeah I guess" I shrug, stiffing a grin

"I call shotgun!" Doza runs to the car

"Not fair!" I scream and run after him

"You gotta be faster next time Harl" He pouts

"Whatever" I toss my bag into the car. "But next time Mendoza, next time" I pull his collar, looking him in the eye

"Get off me loser" He laughs

"So I was thinking we grab some burgers or something" Margo starts the car

"We're heading to this graffiti site after though. But we've gotta head back to the building to get the cans" He says, removing his hair from his face as the wind blows

"Um I think I left my lighter.. in my locker" I look through my bag

"Here" Marg tosses me hers

"Y'all are gonna suffocate from this shit" Doza chuckles

"Hey dude" I tap his shoulder

"Yeah?" He turns, then I blow a puff of smoke into his face "Bro?!" He rubs his face and I laugh

"Says the guy who buys weed and doesn't even use it" Margo chuckles

"Whatever" He says, looking out the car

"Um, we're having this Algebra test tomorrow, so you better show up" I try to change the topic

"I'll show up" She says, her eyes on the road. "Um Doza" She turns to him "Sorry about what I said"

"It's cool" He smiles at her

Then we ride off under the scorching sun.

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