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I was 10, waking up to the scream my mum. Trust me, not one of the best ways to be woken up. I shot up from my bed and ran out of my room, slowly making my way down the stairs. I found my mother on her knees in front of my lifeless dad, his usual pill and beer bottles lying next to him Honestly I wasn't surprised, he just couldn't get rid of his problem. Me. I stood there and watched my mum cry her eyes out until we heard ambulance sirens and some people came to carry him out, with my mum following them. I stood at the door way, watching them "He took those pills again" I whispered to myself, clenching my fists I spent the next few years going to therapy cuz apparently those kinda stuff mess with a kid's mind. I knew my parents didn't exactly 'love' me. I spoilt their fun. But sometimes the thought of him, just laying there was unbearable and I eventually did some messed up things. But one thing I was never gonna do was repeat my mother's past, bring someone into this world just to make them feel less than. Then he came, like a thunderstorm and I'd sworn not to play with him, but I had always loved the rain.


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