1 Nothing of importance

What is an idle game?

I don't know the exact official definition of it but what I know is, it was a game where I can just click here and there under a simple interface in order to enjoy the game.

For me who always all documents, problems, and solving one challenge in order to not be fired by my company, my brain and mental health start to weary whenever I finish the job every day.

I could only sleep when I can, and when my body can't keep up with it anymore, it will become a body's sickness if I keep forcing myself to sleep.

At such a time, I who don't want to think and also doing something tiring ended up stumbling upon an idle game.

The only part of my head that was used was only a little, and the satisfaction it brings from getting the strong character becoming so addictive that I used almost all of my savings without realizing it.

As people say, as long as you cure your mind, your body would then be healthy, I finally manage to survive with great vigor and compassion toward work and ended up getting more responsibility, which became the reason for my death which was contradicting.

With blurry sight and weak breathing because of working too hard, I walk unsteadily toward my phone that was charged nearby and finally can't take it any longer and then close my eyes forever.

For someone without family and responsibility ever since I run away from the orphanage at 14 until my time of death at 30, the only thing that crosses my mind at the time of my death was the newest event that I failed to participate in..

Aahhh, I already save a lot of gems and Supreme Capsule Coins so that I can get all of those mysterious rewards, and yet this is what happened, such is what I am thinking till I took my last breath.

...At least until I felt a jolt sensation along with a great and caring voice reach my ears.

"Waah, congratulations! Your baby is a boy~"

"What a handsome young lad! Look, honey! This is our son!"


"Should we name it as we agreed upon?"

"...Yes, if it was a girl, she would be named Lucy, but if a boy, would be Luk."

"Thenn, Luk! You will become this great me son! Wahahahaha"

"You stupid, don't laugh out loud like that when your wife still tired like this. Get out and let her rest in peace!"


"A-aah, sorry. Please take my son---oops, be careful. Okay, I will wait outside. Honey, be strong okay? I will be back"

It sounds strangely foreign but familiar.

Yet, my heavy eyes didn't let me open my eyes to confirm what is going on.

What I do understand is one thing though...

"Welcome to Royal Girls Institute!"

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That was the idle game that I am familiar with was currently playing in my mind right now.


3 days had passed since the time of my death and rebirth.

As a cultured person, I am familiar with any kind of stories regarding reincarnation so it didn't confuse me much.

But, the game that I am always playing which was floating on my vision did weird me out quite a bit.

"Honey, don't you think our Luk kind of docile? Or more like, isn't he too quiet for a 3 days old baby?"

"Is that so? I think he is as healthy as any babies could be?"

"...well, I am always hoping to bear a child so helping the other wifes taking care of their little ones a lot did help me gain some experience, and how our Luk behaving is a bit different."

"In what way? Because he is not crying?"

"Hmmm, probably how he is not clingy? Or probably sometimes look in a daze? Or maybe when he looks like frowning or smiling out of nowhere?"

"?? Aren't all of the babies have that kind of weird mood swing?"

"...Honey, why don't you just go to work now it's almost time?"

"O-ooh, alright. I am off, honey! Bye, my boy! Be obedient until I came back okaay!"

Now that I can open my eyes properly, I finally manage to see who is supposed to be my mother and father in this world.

As someone who longs for, hope, despair, hate, and then gives up on the people called parents that I never have, the fact that a foreign person becoming mine all of the blues like this makes me uncomfortable but also ticklish at the same time.

They both have clean dark green hair with both seem as young as early 20 or maybe a little older considering how fresh and cute their facial features still.

Turning my sight from the father who went off to work with his normal clothing for whatever job that he did, I then glance toward the beautiful mother of mine and can't help but thinking.

What should I do in this life now?

Should I try to make them happy?

Because they are my parents? Why? Isn't my life is my own? Why bother and just go do whatever I want now I am given another chance like this?

Such a selfish thought disappears once I take my first illness 1 week after my birth.

I am practically on my death door, and weirdly enough, I can still looking around perfectly fine as if my body doesn't belong to me.

At that weird experience, I saw a little baby go red with weak breathing while shaking every once in a while.

The parents keep crying and go pale in the face while some kind of weird person keeps chanting and grinding medicine on the side.

Inside the bedroom on a normal brick house where there is only one room and living room, people who seem to be related with the family keep consoling and praying for the babies, for me who is looking at them calmly without feeling anything.

No, I feel something for the first time.

"Just because my life belongs to me doesn't mean that I can ignore others feeling towards me"


2 weeks pass by since my rebirth and the crisis when I almost death also resolved perfectly.

But, from what I can see and heard, it seems like they both sacrifice quite a lot of money for it so I feel very guilty about it.

Within that time, I who is bored as heck also play the game inside my mind in order to distract and keep myself busy.

At first, I couldn't care less and just want to enjoy my game without bothering myself to act like their children.


"Hehehe, who is my little baby? My little smart baby~? It's here the little Luk~ koochie koochiee"


With a little acting over here and there, I manage to act cute and happy whenever they are around and only focus on my game when they aren't, unlike me before who never care to show even such a basic human courtesy just because I didn't feel like it.

I never question nor do ask why I can play my favorite idle game, so it shows how selfish I am to a certain extent.

Well, now that I do, it seems like I am growing up a little bit as a human being, which was a good thing, maybe.

...Even though I am still addicted to playing games but it couldn't be helped when I can't do anything at all in this state, you can't blame me at all.

Anyway, after playing and making my savior who loves me soo much they almost fainted when I am sick before and make them happy, I then took my scheduled afternoon nap and close my eyes.

With a little ding sound, I then look at the familiar game interface filled with a lot of beautiful, cute and strong girls with appreciation and then finish my daily quest as usual.

But why did it reset I wonder?

The weirdest thing out of all of them was the number of items I had.

I have more than 5 million gems as if the game went through a cheat engine, and it also included application forms, premium capsules, and any other game feature I know of.

It probably around as much as how I accumulate these things throughout my 5 years of playing the games and buying them with IRL money.

"Well, now that my little baby asleep, let's get back to work for a bit shall we?"

Hearing that cheerful voice filled with love, I then snapped out of my thought and look at the back of the woman that was my mother.


That is what is exactly that I did, even though I am supposed to be asleep.

For some reason, whenever I am playing the game, my thought went parallel as if seeing things from 3rd POV.

There is no body whatsoever, just my consciousness which went away and became like that.

Looking down on the little baby figure and the game on top of its head, I then start to move my body and my view reverted to normal.

'I can play and move my body through 2 types of way it seems.'

That is my conclusion without any real meaning nor seriousness in it.

Whatever happened, as long as I can do my role as the children of someone who love me while playing my favorite game, other things feel like nothing of importance to me.

That is how tired I am with complicated thoughts and thus decided to be ignorant for now.