My husband turned me to his maid (Updated everyday)
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My husband turned me to his maid (Updated everyday)


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What is My husband turned me to his maid (Updated everyday)

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"You look so beautiful," he whispered to me. He didn't wreak of alcohol luckily but still I was afraid and shaking. I played with my fingers scared of looking at him, scared of the monster he had become. He stroked my hair and I felt nauseated. His tongue fluttered against mine and his hands went deep in my hair. I used to yearn for this moment like a baby yearned for her mother but right now I dreaded it like death. "Stop please," I begged in his kiss but he didn't listen. Tears were beginning to fall from my eyes. I tried to push him away I yearned to, but he held my hands tightly behind me. My small hands against his was a battle already won before it began. He pulled me against him and nibbled at my chin, my ear, touching my face with his fingertips, sighing, whispering, "You feel so good." "Please let me go Cletus I don't want to, not today." I begged, sobbing. "You are my wife and it's your duty to please me any day and anytime I want it. I own you." He screamed at my face, letting my hands go. I rubbed on them grateful that at least he had let go of me. But before I could move away from him he pushed me to the bed and started to pull his belt. I screamed. ______ Zara Miracle falls in love with a mysterious masked man. She thought he was perfect but what happens when his mask starts to pill of and she sees him in his true form. Will she survive the clutches of the devil or will she succeed in running away? warning: Abusive relationship, rape, lies, manipulations. This book may just drive you mad with anger. you've been warned.

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Update everyday?!!!!!!!!!! F


It is such a shame that the story ended so abrupt. This book is very interesting and shows how one can change when you love them more that you love yourself.


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