9 Chapter 9 : Plotting a Revenge

Xiao Chen looks at both of their love-Dovey expression his face becomes sullen.

'why do I have to witness this high-level of Public Display of Affection early in the morning?! You can't do this to a person who is single, you know!!!'

He continues to grumble as he gave a light cough to drag the two from their passionate gaze.

Jun Wei looks at him with a displeases look, Xiao Chen shrugged his shoulder and answer him with a devilish smile. Jun Wei continues to frown and he moves his lips without any voice in it, Xiao Chen squinted his eyes and read his lips slowly.

" I will take back your sports car," says Jun Wei.

Xiao Chen has read his brother lips for as long as he can remember, so he was pretty good at reading peoples' lips. When he understood his brother's words, he waves his hand in panic, pleading so his brother would not take his new sport car.

The two brother continues to talk without any words, they only change some gaze, but they could understand each other's mind. 'NO WAY, that's my baby, Ge Ge'

Xiao Chen clasps his hand and continues to beg for forgiveness. While Jun Wei expressionlessly look at the opened door, and shot him another look, ' If you want it back, go out of this room and get to work'

After reading his brother movement and mind, Xiao Chen nod his head vigorously speaks at Li Lian before he march out of the room. "Sister-In-Law, please do your best!"

On the other hand Li Lian didn't notice and still looks at Jun Wei face with a loving expression. Until she heard Xiao Chen's voice, she look away from Jun Wei embarrassingly.

Jun Wei, "What were you doing?"

Even though Jun Wei asks her, his eyes had already caught the sight of the magazine of her step-sister and Ex-fiancee.

Although he already tried his best to contain the dangerous beast inside him. In front of Li Lian, he always looks kind and warm and he doesn't want to show her his cold-blooded, jealous side of himself.

In his mind the only thing he could think was to destroy both of them, right now at this moment.

For the past year he didn't do anything not because he couldn't, instead, he was afraid that when Li Lian wakes up and despises him for harming her Ex-fiancee or her sister. He could have destroyed He Chang Min and his whole cooperation and also the Xie family without batting an eyelid.

Jun Wei turns his palm into a fist in anger, but the girl's next answers unexpectedly tame his anger in a blink.

" Nothing..." she cuts her word and smile devilishly. " Just planning for a grand revenge plan. "

Looking at her cute devilish smile, Jun Wei couldn't help and let out a doting smile. " Should I help? " Jun Wei opens his coat and ready to destroy the He Cooperation right at that moment.

" No , it's okay, It's more fun this way. Darling, you can just sit tight, I will prepare you the best seat to watch their last moments " answer Li Lian.

Jun Wei expressionless cold-icy face melt, "Darling?" he repeats the girl's word once more time.

" En!! Darling, you see a lot of couple uses pet name to call their lover, I thought about pet name we should use for the past weeks, and after reading this magazine, I choose darling...,"

she tilts her head at Jun Wei cutely and continues her word "Darling, what do you think?"

"Mn, It's good " he nods in warmly.

Although, Jun Wei only replies her with one word Li Lian could feel happiness radiating from his word. He thought that Li Lian would feel sad after reading the magazine, but it was the opposite!! Li Lian was reading the magazine, only because it contains the article of pet-names for couples, that she wants to use with him. He couldn't stop feeling joyful from her words.

On the other hand, Hearing Jun Wei's happy tone, Li Lian couldn't stop the rapid, noisy heart-beating sound from her the center of her body. Her cheek turns bright red and she let out a radiating smile.

Other than these two couple, Xiao Chen was standing in front of the door for quite a long time. In his hand, he holds out a pen and a small blue note.

And the note was filled with scribbles, the head title of the note is ' How To Flirt by Ge Ge '

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