1 My Husband is an Orge


It was in big red bold letters across the screen of the GPS. For a moment, She didn't know what to do her heart was pounding as rain beat along with the windows of the vehicle and the thought that no one would know that she was out here in the middle of nowhere. She bit her lip at the stupid thought. She hadn't met to drive off into the mountains but she had been so angry and hurt that she hadn't checked where she was going in till it was too late. She reached for her cellphone and groaned. The words no single were clear as day along with the screen which meant she would either have to wait it out or go looking for help. She leaned her face closer to her window and scanned through the blurry background. She could only see the dark form of the forest around. Which meant she would have to wait it out. She turned off the engine and pushed the seat back in hopes of getting a least a little more comfortable.

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Today was not going in how she planned. She had spent months saving up vacation time to visit this famous hotel with her boyfriend. At the last moment, He had canceled not only their date but had also broken up with her. She had then arrived with the intent on forgetting the break-up and having some fun. That had gone to shit as soon as she walked through the door to spot her ex with another woman. Then Her boss had called her back causing the situation now. She thought about her Ex. She had been ready to commit and he hadn't. She was ready to marry and start a family but he hadn't. He had always told her he wasn't ready for any of that. But, The look of love on his face with that other woman had told her he hadn't been ready with her. That had really hurt more than anything because She was tired of the dating game.

She was tired of meeting man to man who was either not ready or just didn't click with her. It made her just want to give up and become a spinster. And, to tell the truth, it was something she couldn't care to do. She could always have a child on her own and could take care of her self just fine but there was a need to have a partner. There was a need to have someone who could give her that deep last longing romantic love instead of that constant short-lived moments.

A loud knock drew her out of her thoughts causing her to jump and hit her head against the top of the roof. She hissed in pain and rubbed the sore spot along the top of her head before looking towards the door. An old woman stood outside, her eyes filled with concern as she gazed at Aine. She blushed for a moment before she reached over and opened the door.

" Are you alright, Dear? I am sorry for scaring you. I just saw your car stuck here and I was worried. Not many people get stuck down here?" She explained as she looked back down the road. " Yes, I um I am a bit lost. " The old woman gave a surprised look before she explained "You're off the main road, Dear. You can get back but I wouldn't try with your car it would get stuck in the mud on your way back." That made Aine's heart drop. It meant that in till the roads dried out, she would have to stay here.

" Is there any other way to get back?"

"Possibly, Come with me and Maybe we can get you some help."

"Oh thank you, Miss."

" Kokushibyō. It is no problem at all."

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